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Kate (born: January 10, 2000 (2000-01-10) [age 21]), better known online as Katerino, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. She gained much of her fame from collaborating with CallMeCarson. Her YouTube channel consists of Twitch highlights edited from her Twitch channel.


On Kate's channel, she uploads highlights from her Twitch channel. Whether it be gameplay, or just general chatting streams, the majority of her content is directly edited from twitch.tv/katerino.

Personal life

She met Carson by winning the Rajjchelor of which Carson appeared. She also has a condition called Vaginismus which is a condition involving a muscle spasm in the pelvic floor muscles. It can make it painful, difficult, or impossible to have sexual intercourse, to undergo a gynecological exam, and to insert a tampon.


She has gotten herself into controversy, as she has cheated on both of her boyfriends, including Carson and Fitz. A few more unnamed people have also been rumored to have had a relationship with her. It started when Carson went on break due to mental health reasons. It escalated when a Reddit user posted on r/callmecarson suggesting that Kate cheated on Carson with Fitz. Carson confirmed this, leading to hate being given to both Kate and Fitz.

Public Response

Carson's fans were giving a lot of hate to both Kate and Fitz. This led to many people giving their own takes on the situation. Most notably, Keemstar. He attempted to make light of the situation, and #KeemstarIsOverParty was trending on Twitter for over a week.

Kate's Response

Kate responded to the situation with an apology video on her channel. In the video, Kate explained that she had made it clear that she did not want a relationship with Carson yet "still let him come on." She also said that she too had been having mental health problems. However, many people, most notably a fellow Twitch streamer Jawsh, said that mental health issues is no excuse for what she did to Carson.[1] Also, a fellow YouTuber, Jameskii, said to "bring a pet to the next apology, I hear they help." This only added to the hate Kate was getting.

Carson's Response

On the 15th of April, 2020, Carson uploaded a Tweet explaining the situation from his point of view. The Tweet explained how he was largely at fault for the things that have been happening with the Kate-Fitz situation. He said he should not have made things public, and what was already public, was what he put out. He also thanked his fans for their support, and how he was thankful to have millions of people to fall back on.[2]


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