KeeperAction plays video games
KeeperAction is a Commentator
KeeperAction is a Reactor
KeeperAction is from Australia
KeeperAction is male
KeeperAction created their account in 2014
KeeperAction is a Content Creator on YouTube

Jay Goodall, better known online as KeeperAction, is an Australian YouTuber who is best known for his varieties of content including Gaming, Nerf Wars, Commentaries, Vlogs, Reactions, Memes and Challenges and his Satirical jokes of Bill Cosby or other infamous celebrities.



KeeperAction created his channel on December 3, 2014, and had his 1st video come out January 11th, 2015.


KeeperAction got a shoutout from ImGibbster who is a YouTuber with 800,000 subscribers on February 22, 2017 which got him 200 - 1,000 subscribers and a video he uploaded titled: "The Real YouTube Rewind 2017" which was uploaded on December 8, 2017, has gotten 2,200,000 views total and got 1,200,000 views over the 1st night it was uploaded and got KeeperAction 5,000 - 6,000 extra subscribers.


According to a YouTuber named Toasty, KeeperAction lost his YouTube login, He is still some-what active on his Twitter.

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