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Clara Sorrenti[1] (born: March 25, 1994 (1994-03-25) [age 30]),[citation needed] better known as Keffals, is a Canadian[2] Twitch streamer and YouTuber who primarily makes LGBT-related content and topics concerning the left-wing of the political spectrum.


Keffals first video was a highlight of her Twitch stream where she criticized PragerU. She would also make YTPs mocking them. As a trans woman, Keffals makes videos commenting on LGBT news and issues, such as Disney's Don't Say Gay bill and the Lia Thomas controversy.[citation needed]


Clara has collaborated with fellow YouTubers Shoe0nHead and H3h3Productions.[3][4]

Interview with Chris Chan[]

On January 16, 2024, Keffals would publish her interview with fellow transgender YouTuber CwcvilleGuardian.[5] Keffals has made a tier on her Patreon for $100,000 for the full unedited interview.[6]


Feud with Destiny[]

On March 22, 2022, Steven Bonnell hosted a stream where he reacted to the Lia Thomas controversy. Steven criticized the notion of trans women in sports. Keffals accused him of bullying and reported him until he was banned from Twitch indefinitely.[7] Keffals also encouraged her fanbase to report Destiny's tweets violating Twitch's hate speech rules, and tried to get his Twitch account banned, by alerting staff to his violation of rules of ban evasion by the use of an alt account.[8] Some YouTubers such as Nicholas DeOrio,[9] Lauren Southern,[10] and LonerBox criticized this decision, believing the ban to be unfair, and also noting Destiny's pro-LGBT history and that there were other streamers who did worse things, and were not banned.

Later, Keffals criticized Steven for going on, a website founded by right-wing white supremacist Nicholas J. Fuentes. Destiny claimed this criticism was hypocritical, since he would not have streamed there if Keffals had not gotten him banned.[11] Keffals would get hold of chat logs where Steven asked people to report her after she had brigaded him, in order to get him banned, and criticized him. She was called a hypocrite as she had bragged about doing the same thing to him.[12]


Shortly after Keffals got Destiny banned, she was doxxed by a doxxing forum. A separate forum, Kiwifarms, created a thread about her. The doxxing revealed that Keffals was an opiate addict, and additionally alleged that Keffals had stolen from the Communist Party of Canada to fund her addiction habit. But actual members of the Party denied this,[13][14] and supported Keffals, saying that she left the party for unrelated reasons.[15]

Catboy Ranch[]

The doxxing also claimed to reveal that Keffals was running a NSFW Discord server, "Catboy Ranch",[16] despite Keffals having openly run the Discord and having stated as such in tweets in 2021 before shutting it down after harassment from right wing groups.[17] The fans of Destiny who doxxed Keffals claimed there were minors in the Discord because of the use of "femboy" and cutesy language, with the claim of one particular account being a 16 year old.[18][19][20][21][22][23] In response to this, Keffals tweeted "the person who is "under 18" in this screenshot is a porn account who is over 18 and none of those screenshots in the alleged discord in those tweets even show me in the chatlogs. destiny boosted this lie without checking because he will do anything to see me fail"[24]

Twitter ban[]

On June 30, 2022 Keffals twitter account was permanently suspended[25] and later reinstated in early July.[citation needed] It is still unknown why her account was banned.

Kiwifarms Situation[]

On August 9, 2022, Keffals uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, explaining that she had lost access to her main Twitter account and could not stream, as the police had raided her home and seized her computer and phone, as well as her fiancee's laptop, after an individual using her identity sent an email to several local Canadian city counselors belonging to London City, informing them that she had supposedly killed her mother with an illegal firearm and would soon enter city hall with the intention of slaughtering every cisgender person present. Keffal's home was raided and she was let go with no charges after it had become apparent that she did not commit, nor intended to commit any of the crimes listed in the email sent by the impersonator, her devices were returned after a short period of time.[26] Keffals would then give a variety of conflicting details relating to the situation and the London City Police would deny her ensuing allegations of transphobia. Allegations included deadnaming, not allowing her to get properly dressed, lasers of a firearm being aimed at her despite the London City Police Department not being known to use tactical lasers, and the police allowing her to change but slamming the door open or breaching rather than knocking.

In light of these events, Keffals created a GoFundMe fundraiser with the intention of moving out and covering any potential legal fees for building a case against the London City Police Department for transphobia as well as to recoup her losses,[27] though it later had its funds frozen after being mass reported and she seemingly had no financial losses as her property was returned.[28] After a short period of time, her fundraiser would be unfrozen and she would retain access to the funds. She would also Nonetheless, Keffals was able to suddenly ascertain the funds to move into a hotel which subsequently had its location doxxed on August 17, 2022, resulting in her hotel room being inundated with pizza deliveries made using her deadname.[29][30] Keffals would actively speak on the matter, mentioning that she would not stand down, and would not be afraid. Keffals proceeded to travel all the way to Northern Ireland in order to "flee the country". The initial 20,000 dollar goal that the GoFundMe fundraiser had was bumped up several times, all the way to 100,000 dollars, which was also met.[31] Keffals would then accuse Kiwifarms of being responsible for the doxxing in Northern Ireland, despite it being down at the time. She would also admit that another forum was actually responsible in private, but continued to place fault onto Kiwifarms.[32] In retaliation, Keffals would threaten to dox a minor, but failed. Keffals would also brag about the failed dox. Keffals would post tweets publicly proclaiming that she would dox any member of Kiwifarms who opposed her.

Following this and other reported incidents, including her Uber account being hacked into to send her food, Keffals announced that she would be leaving Canada and moving to an undisclosed location in Europe. She was then doxxed in Keffals alleging another swatting attempt had occurred after relocating to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she streamed her location alongside a previously doxxed friend.[33][34] It would later be identified that another friend of Keffals had actually called the Northern Ireland's police for a wellness check, in which the police were to said to have responded calmly, according to Keffals, knocking on the door unarmed, rather than breaching armed. Keffals would then claim that the alleged SWATTING was for a stabbing, but that the two police officers arrive with no firearms. This is false, as stabbings are often met with an armed response unit.[35]

The GoFundMe's promised civil lawsuit has not been carried out, there being a filing with the Ontario Commission of the Human Rights. Keffals would leave the internet for a short period of time due to struggles with drug abuse, sparking rumors from content creators that the GoFundMe's funds were diverted to fuel this drug addiction. Kiwifarms remains active as a website.

SomeOrdinaryGamers Exposé[]

On May 11, 2024, Canadian YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers published a video titled Why Keffals Is A Complete FRAUD..., exposing Keffals for misappropriating $100K, doxing, lying, and funding a company that sent DIY hormones to minors without parental consent.[36] The same day, Keffals responded by accusing SomeOrdinaryGamers of transphobia because of the thumbnail, as well as accusing him of misgendering her.[37] Keffals would also make some statements in an unannounced livestream, including, "I'm not planning on making any sorta response, cuz I don't think I owe anyone a response." The video also makes note of Keffal's false attribution of doxxing from the online doxxing forum Doxbin as acts committed by Kiwifarms.[38]

Personal life[]

Keffals is from an Italian immigrant family and is a third generation Italian-Canadian.[39][40][41]

She is a transgender woman and has been through bottom surgery.[42]

In May 2023, Keffals made a video about her struggles with drug addiction and how it affected her life.[43]

She is bisexual[44]

Keffals formerly associated with the Communist Party of Canada.[citation needed]



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