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Kenshin Mizuhara is one of the main commentators on Tats TopVideos. On his personal channel, he posts a lot of random videos, with no real format to them. Kenshin is a long term member of Tatstopvideos. He is responsible for narrating most of the videos found on Tatstopvideos. Kenshin was the first member ever hired by Tats and was first featured narrating the Top 10 Swords in Games, and the Top 10 Scariest Places In Darkvale.

Kenshin has his own YouTube channel (which was given to him by Tats called Goth Tatsumaki), which features a multitude of different style videos, such as Lets Plays, Rants, Food Reviews and 3D Animations.

As a gamer, Kenshin has always been a person who likes a challenge and an engaging story. His current videos are Kingdom Hearts lets plays, and it's also shown he has attempted terrible games such as Euro Truck Simulator.

Kenshin's style of work revolves around Lets Plays of various different games such as Dishonored, Kingdom Hearts. He is also shown on video sometimes with his girlfriend Kairi. Kenshin also does food reviews such as Arby's and Taco Bell. He also does rants on many different subjects such as games, and loot boxes. In addition, he has done reactions, ASMR videos, and album reviews.

Kenshin also is a skilled animator, creating the intro effects used before each video begins.

In recent video uploads, he has revealed that his actual name is Mike. However, he hasn't given his last name. He has also revealed that he lives in the state of New York. In the comments of his videos, he's also revealed that he is nineteen years old and is in college as of 2015.

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