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PJ Liguori (born: December 11, 1990 (1990-12-11) [age 29]), better known online as KickThePj is an English YouTuber of Italian descent, entertainer, filmmaker, artist and musician.


PJ was born in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England to an Italian family. He attended the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey, graduating in June, 2013. He currently resides in Brighton, England.

PJ started making videos in late 2007, and has steadily gained subscribers ever since. He amuses viewers with clever sketches and animations, brilliant impressions and general humour. He's well known for his "fantastical, immersive kind of storytelling with short films" like The Forever Train, Colour Bandits, Lullaby Cube and The Party Nightmare.

PJ also makes music and even released an album called "Stories From Somewhere", along with other music he has created. He describes his music as "anti-folk": it gives off a very summery and careless vibe, which makes everyone who listens happy.

He hit 400,000 subscribers on September 22, 2013. On July 29, 2016, his main channel hit one million subscribers.


  • In late 2014, he and his film making team partnered with New Form Digital to create a mini web series called Oscar's Hotel for Fantastical Creatures. One year later, it was nominated for the Shorty Awards under the category of "Best Web Series". The characters were voiced by other YouTubers like PewDiePie, Marzia, AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire and Crabstickz. Its official trailer was released on his channel on 4 September, 2015.
  • PJ was voted third place in Sugarscape's Hottest Lads of 2014, surpassing Dan Howell by 2 places, and only one place behind Phil Lester.
  • In November 2012, PJ won the Virgin Media Award for his short film, "PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer".
  • PJ's hobbies include animating, filming, gaming, drawing and fishing.
  • His second channel is PJTheKick, where he uploads "scraps from his main channel videos and all sorts of other little nuggets of entertainment".


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