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What's going on you guys? KidBehindACamera here!

―KidBehindACamera's intro

Michael Brian Green (born: June 2, 1987 (1987-06-02) [age 37][citation needed]), better known online as KidBehindACamera (also known as Lyricoldrap and Pickleboy), is an American YouTube personality, vlogger, and prankster. He is the creator of TheAngryGrandpaShow, which began on YouTube in 2009 and ran for over eight years.[1] He is also a musical artist under the alias of "Lyricold".

Personal Life[]


Michael Green was born on June 2, 1987, in North Charleston, South Carolina. His mother is Tina Maria Sharp (born: January 4, 1964 (1964-01-04) [age 60]), and his father was Charles Marvin Green Jr. † (born: October 16, 1950 - December 10, 2017 [aged: 67]), who was also known online for his "Angry Grandpa" persona on his TheAngryGrandpaShow channel.

Michael grew up in poverty with his three older siblings Charlie, Jennifer, and Kimberly. He has recalled never having anything in his youth as his family fought to survive. As a teenager, he participated in Angry Grandpa's failed businesses (such as a Clown-o-Gram business) to make ends meet. As Michael grew up, he got an internship for a company and then began to film his father's freakouts.

Michael has a wife named Bridgette Nicole West (born: August 25, 1993 (1993-08-25) [age 30]), who can be seen in his and Angry Grandpa's videos, living in their own house. Michael and Bridgette also have a baby daughter called Mia Nicole Green (born: November 1, 2019 (2019-11-01) [age 4]), and a son called Michael Robert Charles Green (born: August 17, 2021 (2021-08-17) [age 2]). Michael also has three other siblings, with him being the youngest. His oldest brother is Charles Marvin "Charlie" Green III, and his two older sisters are Jennifer Renee Green and Kimberly "Kim" Ann Pratt.

Meeting Bridgette[]

Michael and Bridgette met each other on November 16, 2008, on an old website called MySpace, and they talked for a while and enjoyed themselves. Bridgette lied to Michael that she was 19 years old, when in reality, she was 15. Michael was 21, and wasn't aware that she was underage that time. Michael looked at her photos and told her that she was really pretty. He then asked her out on a date, but at the same time he was nervous, because he was broke and couldn't afford to go on a date. Surprisingly, however, his father Angry Grandpa gave him the money for the date because he wanted his son to be happy for a first date.[citation needed]

Ever since then Michael and Bridgette met in person, they went to a movie theater and watched a movie called Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which Michael stated was an awful movie. When they left the movie theater, Michael grabbed her hand and they walked around the movie theater parking lot, and then they went to an IHOP joint and bought French toast.

Afterwards, Michael bought DVDs from a store, and food from a McDonald's. He took Bridgette to his house, which was an old trailer in Trailwood Trailer Park in northern Charleston, South Carolina. Their first date was also the same day she met Angry Grandpa. She said he was rude, as the first thing he said of her was, "Who the fuck is that bitch?" when they arrived at his house. Michael then confronted her to his father.[citation needed]

When Bridgette was asked about this later on, she explained that the reason why Angry Grandpa was rude to her is because Michael and Bridgette didn't get anything from the McDonald's for him. Afterwards, they went to Michael's bedroom, ate their food, and watched the DVDs they bought. At the end of their date, Michael awkwardly gave her a first kiss. He stated that it was the worst first kiss he ever gave and that he wasn't a good kisser, but they have had a lot of fun since then.[2]

Figuring out her age[]

Michael still wasn't aware about Bridgette's age for approximately 10 months after they were together until he found out on her birthday. On August 25, 2009, Michael and Bridgette were in Bridgette's house celebrating her birthday, when her mother Cindy brought out a cake. Michael thought the candle number should have said 20, but instead, it said 16. At first, Michael was confused and asked Bridgette why the cake said 16, as he thought she would turn 20.

When Bridgette admitted that she lied about her age and apologized to Michael, he became very upset and mad at Bridgette for lying about her age. He stated that he couldn't date an underage girl while he was a an adult, as that could have made him a "sex offender". However in the end, he forgave her, and they have still continued to be in a relationship for over 15 years.

Bridgette's pregnancy[]

On March 19, 2019, a video was published on TheAngryGrandpaShow channel revealing that Bridgette was officially pregnant.[3][4] According to her, she was about 4 weeks pregnant, which caused Michael to break down, crying at the fact he was going to be a father. Bridgette even commented stating that she went to the hospital to confirm that this was true. Many fans, however, were not convinced and thought it was a prank, despite Michael saying that it wasn't by posting comments on the video and showing pictures of Bridgette's multiple positive results. Michael said in a vlog that if the child was a boy, his name was going to be Charles Marvin Green IV, named after Angry Grandpa (Jr.) and Michael's brother (III).

On June 9, 2019, it was revealed that Michael and Bridgette's child was a girl, and she was born on November 1, 2019, and it was revealed that her name is Mia Nicole Green. They then went on to have a son named Michael Robert Charles Green, who was born on August 17, 2021. On November 16, 2023, the 15th anniversary of them meeting for the first time, they officially married.[5]

Michael's Personal Health and Hygiene[]

Michael is infamously known for his poor personal hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle. His health and hygiene issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Not showering.
  • Not brushing his teeth.
  • "Crapping"/soiling his pants.
  • Excessive weight.
  • Wearing the same outfit or similar outfits in every video.
  • Poor diet and lack of exercise.
  • Not wearing any socks while wearing shoes, which could lead to him having toenail fungus.


Michael has struggled with his weight for his whole life. After the death of his father TheAngryGrandpaShow, on December 10, 2017, Michael became depressed and gained nearly 50 pounds of weight. On September 19, 2018, Michael's doctor officially diagnosed him with type 2 diabetes due to his excessive weight and blood sugar. He weighed 412 pounds at the time. Since his diagnosis, Michael has been trying to improve his diet, as his diabetes is still at a point where it can be reversed. By March 2019, he weighed 370 pounds, having lost about 42 pounds. However, around January 18, 2021, Michael revealed that he gained weight again (weighing 391 pounds), and he has failed improving his diet multiple times.

YouTube History[]


Michael is the creator of "The Angry Grandpa Show", starring his father Charles "Angry Grandpa" Green. The show's channel was created on June 19, 2010. Before Michael created his main channel on July 5, 2011, he posted skits and videos on another one of his channels called LifewithMikeyShow, where he often portrayed a horror character named Michael "Mikey" Myers. Michael also has other channels named Lyricoldrap, where he posted short videos of him rapping, and TheOverReactionShow, where he posted videos of him reacting to old popular clips.

Most of Michael's channels are now inactive and discontinued, as he no longer videos in them, but he has continued to post a variety of content on his main channel, which includes vlogs of him and his family, pranks, and comedic skits.


Tattoo Prank[]

On April 18, 2015, Michael uploaded a prank on Charles' TheAngryGrandpaShow channel. It involves Angry Grandpa getting a tattoo of a motorcycle on his back, but Michael asked the tattoo artist to change it to a biohazard symbol, which below read "My ass stinks". After Angry Grandpa saw his new tattoo, he became angry and proceeded to destroy several objects from the tattoo shop, including an electric guitar and flipping a table and trash can upside-down, and both Michael and Grandpa were kicked out by the shop's owner.[6]

Michael received backlash for the prank since most tattoos are permanent, and even if Grandpa could remove it with surgery, it would be expensive and painful. Afterwards, Angry Grandpa disowned Michael and did not talk to him for weeks. Michael had made attempts to de-escalate the tension between him and his father, but they would usually end up in them fighting, or destruction. Some fans have justified Michael's karma and Angry Grandpa's reasonable frustration with his son and the tattoo artist, while others have also alleged that the video was staged. However, Angry Grandpa and Michael have since forgiven each other and reconciled their friendship.

Relations with DaddyOFive[]

Around early 2017, Michael became friends with Michael "Mike" Martin, father and owner of fellow family freakout channel DaddyOFive, who had about 700,000 subscribers at the time. Michael even helped pranked one of Mike's children that involved making him think they were sending him to Michael's house.[7] However, in April 2017, he was met with controversy when it was discovered that most, if not, all of Mike's videos contain content that was considered to be possible child abuse.[8] Michael had also defended Mike on Twitter (making him one of the few mainstream YouTubers to defend him), stating that Mike's children were acting. At the time, DO5 also claimed that the videos were fake.

Michael received criticism for his decision, as most people believed that DO5 was abusive towards his kids, as well as some of Michael's past videos showing him being possibly abusive towards his nephews.

Boogie2988 Break-Up[]

In a YouTube video titled "FIGHTING BOOGIE2988", Michael anncounced that he is not friends with Boogie2988 anymore because of a Twitch livestream where Boogie is going to Charleston for a gaming convention and said that he wants to fight Michael Green. Michael stated that he still wanted to be friends with Boogie, but he gave up on that friendship.[9] Later in the video "BOOGIE2988 ALMOST SHOT ME!", Michael Green goes to Fayetteville, Arkansas to see Boogie for footage for the Keemstar Show for the boxing match between Boogie and Wings of Redemption. Boogie thought Michael was Frank Hassle and he almost got shot when Boogie knew it was Michael and was invited in Boggie's house. At Boogie's house, Michael Green throws his behavior medication down the sink in his bathroom while they travelled to Houston, Texas for a gaming convention, though Michael frames it was an accident.[10]

Boogie2988 did not like the fact that Michael lied to him saying his pills went missing but had to tell the truth. Boogie2988 and Michael have broken up their friendship after the incident had happened. Michael Green stated that he was gonna break his friendship with Boogie because of the prank he did and so they both cut ties on each other. Meanwhile, Boogie2988 leaves Michael outside by himself and Michael goes back to Charleston.[11] In a YouTube video titled "KEEMSTAR VS BOOGIE2988" in the vlog at the end of the video, Michael Green says that he does not want to hang out with boogie anymore because of what happened between them two in Houston, Texas. This is the end of the boogie2988 and KidBehindACamera friendship. The reason why boogie ended his friendship with Michael is that he did not like the way Michael clickbaits his videos towards him.


  • Michael first started posting videos of Angry Grandpa in 2007 and early-2008 on eBaum's World and (which is now for sale) before starting the Angry Grandpa channel on YouTube in 2010 after his original account was suspended that year.
  • He is a fan of UFC, but says he likes WWE more.
  • He did not finish high school, and claims he dropped out because his family moved away from his school, and his new house was too far away from his old one.
  • He worked as a website webmaster and graphic designer for multiple companies such as American fast-food restaurant Wendy's while volunteering for a graphic design company.
  • Michael does not drive, as he doesn't have a driver's license, and has a phobia of driving after getting in multiple car accidents. However, he's been slowly learning how to drive and feeling less scared of driving. This was shown to be false later on from a social media post showing him driving himself, Bridgette, and her mother on a trip to North Carolina.
  • He moved out of Angry Grandpa's trailer and into an apartment with Bridgette in January of 2012 after Grandpa destroyed Michael's Xbox.
  • Angry Grandpa had said that Michael was a nasty brat when he was a kid and would often defecate on his pants.
  • He was hospitalized in late-September 2012, as he was due to a surgery to remove the gallbladder on his stomach for unknown reasons.
  • He is speculated to be the only person in his family that is agnostic, meaning he has neither faith nor disbelief in God.
  • He bought a PlayStation 4 from a couple that won a Taco Bell contest.
  • He doesn't drink or do drugs, which he credits to Angry Grandpa. He says he would rather hang out with Angry Grandpa than to engage in said activities.
  • He has a hereditary anger problem since 2013.
  • He hates being embarrassed.
  • He was hospitalized again on April 13, 2017, due to peritonsillar abscess, which was luckily removed while he underwent surgery.
  • He is friends with Jesse Ridgeway, who is also known on YouTube as McJuggerNuggets.
  • He has an alter-ego named Shannon.
  • He was Angry Grandpa's power of attorney.
  • He has an album named Ashes that was released on December 25, 2018.
  • On his TheOverReactionShow channel, Michael himself stated in a Q&A that he has no plans for the channel moving forward, saying that the main purpose of the channel was for him and Angry Grandpa to react to videos. Ever since Angry Grandpa passed away, that is no longer possible. Michael, however, did not rule out using the channel in the future, stating "Never say never."
  • He suffers from PTSD from his previous “embarrassing” videos.
  • He is claustrophobic.
  • He is 5'9" (175 centimeters).[citation needed]
  • It was revealed on their video "THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE" that Michael and Bridgette had $800,000 in their bank account after spending $100,000 to investing Dogecoin.
  • He is often referred to as "Pickleboy".