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Hi what's up, what's hanging, what's Gucci

―Kiera Bridget's Intro

Kiera Bridget (born October 21, 2000 (2000-10-21) [age 19]) is an English YouTuber and the former girlfriend of Morgz. They broke up about June of 2019. She was also one of the few YouTubers to be a member of Trash, a collaborative YouTube channel and joined in 2016. It is now defunct as of March 2019.

Kiera was originally known for her make-up videos and reacting to the latest trends, in which her very deep belly button gained attention from many viewers.

Personal Life

Kiera was born in London, England. In August 2017, she began dating her former boyfriend Morgz Hudson. On July 30th, 2019, Kiera and Morgan officially announced that they had broken up. On Kiera's Instagram story she states 'So I guess its obvious but I wanted to formally announce that I and Morgan broke up a while ago. And that's just kinda the tea, idk. It's all good vibes." She is now dating Caylus Cunningham (Infinite) which was officially announced in January of 2020

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