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William (Born: December 19, 1995 (1995-12-19) [age 23]), better known online as Kiingtong, is a Minecraft YouTuber and plays with many other YouTubers on the Cube SMP and Cube UHC. Will is known for his PVP, building and parkour skills.

Will is a member of The Cube SMP and is known to collab with a number of people who are members of The Cube SMP. Will has just recently attended PAX Prime, PAX East, Minecon, and Vidcon. Will also competes in the trimonthly Cube UHC competitions, and he has won once alongside another player.he has also started a new series in 2017 called The Avenue with his friends Shubble, Graser10, and HBomb94.


At the start of Kiingtong's channel, mostly he recorded alone and he mostly got 2000+ views. When he reached 10,000+ subscribers, he released his first Q&A. After the Q&A, he began making more edited videos, and he received around 15,000+ views each video. When he started making videos with facecam, his YouTube channel grew more! In 2015, he released his first unboxing video & his first vlog.

What does he mostly play?

Will mostly plays Minecraft (Cube SMP, UHC, Skywars, Prison, Hypixel, etc.) and CSGO.


Will has a girlfriend named Emily which he recently revealed in a new video called ‘My GIRLFRIEND plays Minecraft *First ever time*’

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