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Damien Jennison better known online as Kikoskia, is a British gaming YouTuber.


Since he started YouTube, he has played many different retro/roleplaying/indie style games (including his infamous Barbie Let's Plays). He has devolped his own quirky style of commentating making his videos have a unique and interesting view on games, also including his motto, "CHAINGUN!".

Personal Life

Not much is known about Kikoskia. He has never shown his face and never plans to either, but his subscribers don't see this as a problem, people think that it can turn into a bad habit (facecam etc.), nor does he want his private life to be unearthed by fans as this has been a problem for other YouTubers in the past. All we do know is he has a goatee beard, he was 33 years old as of January 30, 2019, and he is writing/editing his first novel (title unknown).

The Beginning

As any other child, he played many video games, his favourites being RPGs, as with any game, you need a name, he typed in, 'k, i, k, o, s', and decided to add , 'kia', on the end, little did he know this name would be his key to online fame. Kikoskia watched Let's Plays on You Tube and he discovered that no-one has done his favourite game, Lands of Lore, so he decided to Let's Play it himself. This slowly started to make him quite popular on You Tube. Kiko started to play other types of games to bring in a larger audience, it worked.


Kikoskia's popularity has proven to be a very positive outcome for both himself and others (not just with his videos). He found himself voice acting in a video game called Primordia. Kiko was also the inspiration for another popular YouTuber, Necroscope86, of which he became online friends with and they have done Co-op Let's Plays together like Portal 2.


  • On his logo, you can see CMDR:ZOD, which means Commander Zod.
  • Kikoskia occasionally collaborates with other British YouTubers, such as Helloween4545. 
  • He has previously run online RPGs, such as Call of Cthulhu and Paranoia with other Let's Players. 

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