Kim Jong-un is from the United States
Kim Jong-un is from Cuba
Kim Jong-un is male
Kim Jong-un created their account in 2018
Kim Jong-un is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Hello citizens of the corrupted Western world! BOW DOWN TO YOUR SUPREME LEADER!!!!!

―Part of Kim Jong-un's YouTube Description

Kim Jong-un, is a YouTube channel which uploads videos themed around the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Comments and Videos by the channel show the Chairman of North Korea acting like a common internet personality. In reality the channel is operated by a YouTuber, who lives in New York, named Avery the Cuban-American.

The content Avery uses on the Kim Jong-un YouTube channel is mostly footage from recorded KCTV broadcasts, videos of the Leader with other important world figures, and recordings of international summits. These are accompanied with a witty or funny title. This section of the content ranges in length from a couple of minutes to a few that are over half an hour. However there are some short videos that are announcements or memey in nature, like deepfakes of the chairman singing. These usually last under a minute.

He makes comments on videos with this account which are stuff in perspective of North Korea such as making threats of dropping nukes. Most of these comments are on stuff related to North Korea and or have political undertones such as J.J. McCullough's unboxing videos.

He is also a popular commenter on Swiss001's, Drew Durnil's, ISorrowproductions's, Lol ik's, Brian Barczyk's, and WickedBinge's videos. There is also comments by both this account along with his alternate account of Avery the Cuban-American, and the comments tend to be high ranked and towards the top of the comments section.

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