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You are the Demoknight, not only are you the bravest warrior in all of the TF2 land, but you are a f****** bad***!

―King Raja

John Raja (born: March 26, 1995 (1995-03-26) [age 24]), better known online as King Raja, is a YouTuber who has gained popularity for his frequent gameplay highlights and walkthroughs for such titles as Team Fortress 2 and Grand Theft Auto. 


King Raja started YouTube on January 7, 2015 and uploaded his first video, Spy Raja Spy [[3]] on January 9, 2015. In early 2017 he left YouTube, but didn't stop his channel. Because of health problems, he decided to give his life and lifestyle some more attention. On October 1, 2017, he explained and gave apologies. He also explained that he will be back making videos very soon.