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Anı Tilki (born: January 6, 1996 [age 24]) better known online as kingani, is a Turkish-American YouTuber best known for her reaction videos, which are notable for being aesthetically ‘cute’. Ani's main channel has over 660,000 subscribers and over 98 million views. 

Early Life

Anı was born in Turkey but spent the majority of her life in the United States. She has both American and Turkish citizenship. Prior to YouTube, she worked as a manager for a company.


Anı started her YouTube channel in 2016. The most recently available video was posted in 2018. She also has other YouTube channels, including ani, a channel featuring song covers, catclub, a channel featuring edited cat videos, and kinganiTV, a channel featuring Twitch highlights. None of these channels have been active for at least five months. Her main channel mostly has Reddit videos, which she makes in collaboration with other Reddit YouTubers. She has made appearances on other YouTube channels, such as Bluesdank and CallMeCarson.



Anı's YouTube videos primarily utilize the color pink, an aesthetic that she carries over to all of her other social media. To match the visual style, her videos also feature cutesy electronic music, most notably memo and clockwise by composer DCI noot. 


Anı's YouTube videos often involve reacting to Reddit posts, pictures (including memes), Twitter posts, YouTube videos, and quizzes. Less common videos involve drawing and vlogs. Anı is never featured alone; she will usually feature other YouTubers via a Discord call, for example, BluesDank, Weest, Condifiction, and WildSpartanz. Pyrocynical was also featured in one of her videos. Most of the appeal of the video comes from a combination of the featured content and chemistry between featured people. The end of Anı's videos features fan art, similar to how many storytime animators feature fan art at the end of their videos. 

Anı's face is barely shown on the channel, only appearing in her vlogs ​​​​​​[1] and in a couple of her reaction videos[2]


Consistent with her established visual style, kingani’s persona has been praised for being ’wholesome’, ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’. This distinction sets her apart from other YouTube commentators. 

Personal Life 

She is close friends with WildSpartanz, and the two lived with each other at one point. She also has a brother. 

Anı is bisexual.



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