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Ani Tiiki (born: January 6, 1996 (1996-01-06) [age 23]), better known online as Kingani, is a Turkish-American YouTuber, and currently has dual citizenship.


Ani started her YouTube channel on April 20, 2016. She originally uploaded an assortment of videos to her channel, with no genre in particular. She has since gravitated towards group reaction videos with her and her friends, amassing over 10k views in the process.

The origin of her YouTube channel was when she jokingly mentioned how she would grow a channel to 100K subscribers to become partnered on Discord, with her bio previously reading: "i made this channel for discord partnership plz discord gib me". Of course, since then she has discovered her love for making videos, so continues to do so, even after gaining a partnership.

As seen in her videos, Ani likes to keep things aesthetically cute, with soft colors and cutesy emojis galore. She will also often feature fanart at the end of her videos, with the ending screen containing gifs of cats, and vines containing roses, which only adds to this theme.

The first video (that is currently public) on her channel to feature her face, was the VidCon vlog. Her aforementioned early videos also contained a facecam, but have since been removed from her page. However, her face can be readily found on her Instagram and occasionally on her Twitter.

Ani was born in Turkey, but raised for the majority of her life in the United States. She has a certain fondness for travel and aims one day to be able to take her YouTube career on the road, as she explores the world. After spraining her leg, she was stuck in England, but has since healed up in order to continue her journey, both on YouTube and in real life.


Since Ani's content revolves mostly around being in a group, it should come across as no surprise that she is also found featuring in many other YouTuber's videos. Helpfully, there is already a playlist on her channel linking to all of these collaborations. Some of the people she has collaborated with include WildSpartanz (who she currently lives with), BluesDank, Quackity and Pyrocynical.


Slazo Situation

In June 2019, Slazo was accused of being a rapist by his ex-girlfriend, Chey. This resulted in YouTubers like Kingani and Bluesdank to show support to Chey, without understanding Slazo's side. However, after Slazo's response debunking everything with hard evidence, she decided to not apologize and instead, continued to defend Chey and told people that Slazo was a rapist, despite the evidence. This resulted in Kingani getting backlash by many people, due to the situation.


  • Ani is bisexual as confirmed on her Instagram.
  • She dated fellow YouTuber ImAllexx in 2017. The two also had a channel together that reached 16,000 subscribers before it was deleted, due to them breaking up.
  • She has a separate channel, in which, she puts video clips of cats.
  • She also had a second channel that had clips of her singing.
  • She's 4'11".
  • She pulled a prank on her Discord server for April Fools, which was flipping everything upside down.
  • She is criticized by her friends and fans for having troubles with reading aloud. While she hasn't been diagnosed with dyslexia, many people think she does have it.
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