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Kip Kedersha (born: December 12, 1957 (1957-12-12) [age 63]), better known online as kipkay, is an American YouTuber, best known for his interesting videos about hacking and re-engineering household items. Kipkay has his own show on YouTube TV, a cable TV channel.


Kipkay had no scientific background outside standard college science classes. In an interview with Kay he stated “I've always enjoyed tinkering with things," he says, "and I learned a lot from my father, who taught me about mechanics and electronics. I'm just resourceful, I guess." Kipkay's video production career began with vocational TV production and broadcasting classes that led to a job in radio. Kay worked as a computer technician and part-time media director for his local church. Kip also worked for Make Magazine who hired him to shoot and produce its weekend project clips.


Kipkay posts how-to videos demonstrating how people might re-engineer various common household items from simple flashlight to cassette tape, to show how they might acquire more power or usefulness. Kipkay now has his own show on YouTube TV which is a channel offered by Road Runner Cable.

He was interviewed on WJR Radio in 2008,and was heard on the show Videomaker. Kay appeared on the DIY Network TV show Garage Mahal and the Home Theatre Garage. His videos have been featured on the TV show Brink.