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Hello there, chaps!

―Kirby Bulborb's Catchphrase

Peter Tagg (born: August 30, 2000 (2000-08-30) [age 19]), better known online as Kirby Bulborb (previously known as avfc211697 and Kirby3431255), is a British comedian YouTuber.

A fan of the Pikmin series since his childhood, Peter is best known for his Pikmin plush shows "Trooper Village Stories" and "Trooper Village Stories: The Awakening". He is also known for his collaborations with MINJAK, another Pikmin plush channel.

A Kirby Bulborb Fandom Wiki was created in 2015 to serve as an in-depth information platform for users to visit and learn more about Peter from, please visit the Kirby Bulborb Wiki for further in depth information that is not on this wiki page.


Peter first joined YouTube in September 24th 2010. His earliest YouTube channel is Kirby3431255, though he previously used an account called avfc211697 which was owned by his brother.

Despite several original plush videos, the majority of videos on the Kirby3431255 account were re-uploads from other channels. Wanting to start fresh without any stolen videos, Peter deleted the Kirby3431255 account in August 25th 2013. He quit making plush videos for a year.

Peter returned to YouTube in 2014, using an old inactive account he created in 2012 called PikTube. After the release of MINJAK's video "Steve the Trooper Episode 3", which featured a character named Kirby Bulborb, Peter was inspired to make plush videos again. He changed the account name to "KirbyBulborb", and began planning a new plush series.

Peter's new plush series, "Trooper Village Stories", was announced in May 2015 and the pilot was released that July. The majority of the episodes in the first two seasons of Trooper Village Stories were written by Peter and Jake, and as such he was frequently used as a voice actor. They even had a series of crossover episodes (referred to as the Noah Saga). Peter also voiced Kirby in Jake's videos as well.

Trooper Village Stories finished in August 2018. Feeling unsatisfied with the finale, Peter made a new plush series called "Trooper Village Stories: The Awakening", which he planned to be the finale to all of his shows.

Aside from making Pikmin plush videos, Peter has also made numerous meme videos. His two most viewed videos are "The Best Of Senator Armstrong" and "The Best Of Sailor Venus", which have both surpassed over 200,000 views. 


  • Peter started making Pikmin plush videos in 2012, when he was 11. His first two plush videos remained unreleased until 2018.
  • Peter's profile picture was made by MINJAK.
  • Some of Peter's influences include EtikaChuggaaconroy, MarioMario54321, MINJAK, and PewDiePie.
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