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Kirti Chowhdhury, better known online as KirtiChow, is an Indian vlogger who makes animation vlogs and videos on YouTube.


Kirti Chowhdhury's birthplace is unknown, though he has mentioned that his childhood was spent roaming all over India. He currently lives in Kolkata. The channel's first video is still unknown because, when Kirti had 90,000 subscribers, he deleted most of his videos which had still animations or possibly slideshow animations. The first video mentioned on this article is the first public video still available on his channel. After reaching 3,00,000 subscribers, he further deleted some of his videos of the old styles which contained harsh topics.

In his videos, he appears as an animated boy from the torso-up with a light blue T-Shirt with a 'K' on it. He learned how to animate on YouTube itself and posted his first public video on 2nd April, 2018, a month after starting the channel. He makes videos on his personal experience, tells stories, and earlier used to make anime-styled short stories.

He has a second channel called ChowMeow, where he posts gaming videos. He generally plays Minecraft online with Swastikam and Finestly. He is an introvert guy and was always the shortest and most dishonoured boy in his school. Due to the constant changing in his residence all over India, he had to change schools multiple times. He shifted for the first time when he was in 5th standard, and he had to suffer a lot accustoming to the environment. He has inscribed his full name on his Silver Play Button. According to his videos' descriptions, he will reveal his face once he reaches 500K subscribers.

In his videos, when he shows any other pervert boy, on their T-Shirts, he uses the word 'F**kboi'. And if there are more than one, he uses 'F**kboi #1' and 'F**kboi #2' and so on. After his last video with the old style which was based on porn addiction, he adopted a new style of animation which included a red background and more realistic 3D graphics along with continuous movements in the narrator's body. The videos' quality also changed online. However, this style was disliked by his viewers, but Kirti has not changed it yet.

Moreover, his previous videos used to be his own story-time videos. But lately, he has been making partially educational videos which include moral values and common sense. According to his channel description, he has a lame sense of humour. As of the first video with new style, the thumbnail quality has also improved. Some of his previous videos were anime-based episodic series. But this style was shut down by Kirti because he stated that he was bored making anime videos.

Friends Mentioned

  • Soumya: Kirti had a school friend named Soumya whom he partially liked and disliked as well. He was the kind of person who always ran into stupid situations and blamed others. He had a girlfriend who in turn loved Kirti. Once Kirti complained to him, even Soumya broke up with her. Soumik was a stupid person who was actually immature. He was also a pervert.
  • Toxic Friend: According to Kirti, he had a friend whom he meet at 6th standard. They lived close to each other, and he would always manage the situation when Kirti messed it up. But after 8th standard, he shifted to a new place, having Facebook as the only way of contacting each other. After a few years, the boy fell in bad influence and even started smoking by 11th standard. A few months after he finished his school, he opened his channel. When the boy came to know about it, instead of motivating him to post more videos, he would de-motivate him saying, "How the hell will your channel grow like this?" But after his channel had a thousand subscribers in 1 and a half years, the same boy came to Kirti asking him to provide him a partnership on his channel. So Kirti provided him the job of scripting. But he never worked; he just postponed it. This continued until one day, Kirti asked him the reason. But as he replied mentioned a Netflix series he wanted to complete the same day, they fought up and never met again.

Minecraft (ChowMeow)

Kirti had started an offline Minecraft series on his gaming channel ChowMeow. However, it has only two offline (single-player) episodes and two multiplayer episodes where he played Minecraft along with Swastikam and Finestly. The series ended abruptly, without any notice or community post informing about the same.


  • His previous videos were usually cringy.
  • He has a Patreon-only Discord server; while he has only two members on Patreon.
  • His videos also contain a pinch of educational content.

KirtiChow Old Style KirtiChow New Style

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