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And until next time, folks, I'm KonekoKitten, and I'll hopefully see you guys, girls, whatever in my next Roblox video tomorrow. I'm Koneko, catch you all later, peace.

―KonekoKitten's outro

Brian Ceja (born: December 18, 1998 (1998-12-18) [age 21]), better known online as KonekoKitten (or simply Koneko), is an American YouTuber and former Subway employee[2] who primarily uploads Roblox commentary, news, and gameplay videos.


Personal life

Brian was born of Mexican descent in the state of Virginia and grew up with a brother named Chase. As a child, he grew up playing Roblox, Minecraft, and Team Fortress 2. He and his brother accidentally discovered Roblox by mistyping "robots" in a search engine.

He dropped out of high school as a teenager, having gotten in trouble for truancy once.[3] He balanced a job at Subway with creating Roblox commentary and commentary videos before quitting to become a full-time YouTuber.

After gaining popularity among younger Roblox players, he switched his content to less inappropriate topics and more child-friendly language. However, he still discusses mature themes in a few of his videos including truancy, sexuality and homophobia, and legal issues pertaining to scamming, hacking, and copyright laws on Roblox and YouTube.

He currently lives with his cat Zoey in the state of Florida. He is an active investor and day trader.


On October 21, 2019, he came out as transgender through a Twitter post. On December 17, 2019, he retracted his statement.[4] He is pansexual and has suffered from depression as a result of gender dysphoria.


Before KonekoKitten gained a huge following, Brian primarily uploaded Minecraft content. During that time, his YouTube name was KittenPlaysMC. He also used to upload facecam commentary videos but decided that drama should not be the primary focus of his channel. The video that garnered traction for their YouTube channel was "Fortnite, but made by 12 year olds on Roblox", posted at the beginning of the Summer of 2018.[5] KonekoKitten once collaborated with a small, now inactive/gone, YouTuber named GigaJelly.

In the summer of 2019, Brian received an opportunity to join the official Roblox Video Stars Program after contacting Roblox about his channel. He was told that he fulfilled all criteria but was unable to officially be invited unless he removed all videos negatively portraying other players and Roblox YouTubers (drama-related videos), as it was against the Roblox Video Stars Program's interests (he had linked to some videos as an example). In order to reach a final decision, he created a video generally describing the situation, and asking his viewers if he should comply with the criteria to join or not join.[6] In a later video, Brian stated that he was able to communicate with the lead of the program, where he discussed the contract(s) and other confidential items concerning the program. Brian left with an agreement where Roblox would review the content of his videos, with Roblox reaching back to further discuss the program. However, instead of this occurring, three weeks of no communication with Roblox followed. During these three weeks, Brian decided to not join the program to prevent a "content lock" on his YouTube channel, not wanting a corporation to control what YouTube videos he uploaded.[7]

Other channels

Second channel

KonekoKitten has a second YouTube account under the name KonekoTalks (now inactive).

Third channel

KonekoKitten also has a third channel called "Koneko". He claims that he will still upload on his channel, and upload other games other than just Roblox content, in a similar way to how he does it on his Roblox channel. Recently, Brian has been uploading a lot of Minecraft (specifically Hypixel Skyblock) on this channel.


Shortly after uploading his first video, Koneko was no longer monetized, meaning he could not receive ad revenue. On his main channel, Brian posted a video on how and why, which ended up being due to putting the wrong AdSense when making the channel. The channel was renamed "THIS CHANNEL IS DEAD GO SUB TO THE NEW ONE", and Brian made a new channel under the same name as before.


  • Brian is constantly called a Flamingo clone, despite Flamingo being very good friends with him, following him on Twitter and there being no beef between them.
  • Brian has been playing Roblox since 2008. His first account was named bigboyz567, owned by both his brother and Brian himself.
  • One of Brian's most viewed video got two people's Roblox usernames to reset.[8]
  • Brian describes bacon pizza as being the best pizza ever in the world.
  • Brian says that he sleeps with his socks on at the end of his video descriptions. Brian says "since you actually read these, here's a secret. I sleep with socks on".
  • Brian wears a Cool Math Games hoodie in many of his videos, causing them to follow him on Twitter and friend him on Roblox. He admitted that he copied the idea from JackSucksAtLife.

Subscriber milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: September 10, 2020



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