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Brian[1] (born: December 18, 1998 (1998-12-18) [age 20]), better known online as KonekoKitten, is an American YouTube personality who posts mainly Roblox gaming content.

Brian was born in Florida, United States. Like many other YouTubers, he has transferred over to family/child-friendly content after making YouTube his full-time job. In a Q&A hosted on Twitter but answered on YouTube, Brian confirmed that he is pansexual. He also confirmed that he is a furry (his profile picture is his fursona as stated by them in the past), and identify as non-binary. On YouTube, Brian is well known for their Roblox RoBeats! videos and maps (no longer playing as stated in the video "being a roblox youtuber gets me get BULLIED 😭 ").[2]


Before Brian gained a huge following, he made Minecraft content. During that time, his YouTube name was KittenPlaysMC. He also used to make facecam commentary videos but decided that drama was just not for them. The video that made them blow up was "fortnite, but made by 12 year olds on roblox", posted at the beginning of Summer 2018.[3] Brian once collabed with a small, now inactive, YouTuber that goes by the name GigaJelly.

Personal Life

Brian has a brother, who also owns a YouTube channel named Seeya

Alternative Channels

Second Channel

Brian has a second YouTube account under the name KonekoTalks, but rarely uploads on it.

Third Channel

Brian also has a third channel called "Koneko". He claim that he'll still upload on his main channel, and upload Fortnite content in a similar way to how he does it on his Roblox channel. Koneko will also still be family-friendly.

Koneko Demonetized

Shortly after uploading his first video, Koneko was no longer monetized, meaning it could not receive ad revenue. On his main channel, KonekoKitten posted a video on how and why, which ended up being due to putting the wrong AdSense when making the channel. The channel was renamed "THIS CHANNEL IS DEAD GO SUB TO THE NEW ONE", and KonekoKitten made a new channel under the same name as before.


  • The way Brian and his brother found Roblox was by misspelling 'robots' in the Google search bar.
  • Brian is constantly called a Flamingo clone, despite Albert following Koneko on Twitter and there is no beef between them.
  • Brian has been playing Roblox since 2008. His first account was named bigboyz567, owned by his brother and him.
  • Brian described Bacon Pizza as being the best pizza ever.
  • In an older video, Brian stated that he's gotten arrested for truancy in high school.


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