Knonozaki Mimi is a Chinese streamer that streams chatting,gaming and random rpg gamings

basic information

As mimi claimed,she is a witch that came from an universe that is 300 light years away from earth,she was planning to only stay on earth for only 1 night,but she forgot that the day cycle is different from where she comes from,so ,mimi lost all connection on her planet ,her only way to stay alive is to stay on earth,later on ,she discovered that Vtuber is really popular among the youtube community, so she decided to became a YouTuber as well,to make a living on this planet
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mimi had tons of different loadout during the journey of her becoming a vtubet,the current model of her resemble *Marisa* (a witch that was from a game named Touhou ) ,she wears a witch hat,a maid dresses.She claims that she had a broom as well,although she never shows to anyone.Mimi was also very slim,her model displays that she was extremely skinny.

body condition

as mimi claimed ,she had multiple sights of wierd syndromes when staying on earth,she was extremely sensitive to sunlight, as sunlight damage her skin and her cells,so on most of the time,she spends her lifetime resting at her own restroom, while resting ,she always read books,play games ,or streams when she is feeling lucky or good.She also can be seen having multiple vitamins syndromes,for example she lacks of vitamins C and A. Mimi dont eat usually ,she only gets energy from magic spells or from snacks,but she sometimes will join others for lunch and picnic,though she dosent eat much usually. Also,although mimi don't need glasses ,she still had a bad eyes sight ,she uses spells on her eyes in order to see better(kinda like how glasses work) ,but this spell causes her to rest more ,many speculates that this is the reason that mimi is always tired as she is relying on magic spells too much.

Weak / Strong Points

Mimi is really weak on close combat,all she know is just fist and head bump,although this might seems mimi is really weak,she is really fantastic on both magical attack,and curses. Another thing to point out is that mimi have an ability named "Miflect" This allows her to reflect projectiles and enemey magical attacks , she is also capable on teleporting and baiting enemey on her spell's trap. Mimi also uses her broom to help her out when needed , although she don't uses it often,it still worth a mention

Mimi's Producer (Yukazaki)
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Mimi's producer , Yukazaki is the only human that mimi is in friend with,as mimi claimed,She helped her when she was having a coma and Yukazaki carry her back to her own house. In return mimi and Yukazaki become friends. They decided to start a youtube channel after a while and they become even more friendly to each other. Yukazaki have brown eyes colour and brown hairs. She also had a witch hat which named in French. She wears a witch T-shirt with a short white dress.She is a patient and quite most of the time.Her magic spells and technique out ranges mimi ,however , it's unknown where she learn magic on earth as it don't exsit on earth. She usually love to hang out on the garden and always seems to stay there even streaming

Mimi Darker side (dark form) (Withes fantasy)

On one part of her rpg game named "witches fantasy",Mimi acts as a final boss.She can be seen using different high destructive magic for example one of her attack deals around 9 million damage and is unavoidable.She also used multiple healing spells to keep her fighting healthily.Her in-game name is "time controller"which means she controls time and spaces and she can be seen knowing that the player have used "save and load" in order to play the game.

MiMi's outfits and life 

Mimi always wears her witch outfit most of the time,she also always have a book on her hand ,mimi's book is named "rukuo" this book help her memorizing her magic spells and curses.Her books also can be seen casting magic with mimi as well.This results mimi can't always focus on anything as she writes and read the books frequently and not focusing other stuffs happening around her. MiMi doesn't really have a work to do apart from streaming and chatting. Although it is unclear that did Mimi have a job or not,as she never said it anywhere. Mimi's broom do have a name but she never says that actual name of her broom,and at last ,mimi's witch hat is named "misuk" 

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