Korone Ch. 戌神ころね has more than One Million Subscribers
Korone Ch. 戌神ころね plays video games
Korone Ch. 戌神ころね is from Japan
Korone Ch. 戌神ころね is female
Korone Ch. 戌神ころね created their account in 2019
Korone Ch. 戌神ころね is a Content Creator on YouTube
Korone Ch. 戌神ころね is a Musician

Yubi! Yubi!

―her greeting

Inugami Korone (Japanese: 戌神ころね) (born 1 October), also known as Korone Ch., is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with Vtuber Company Hololive[1]. She is a member of a subgroup hololive gamers. (ホロライブゲーマーズ) along with Nekomata Okayu, Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio.


She first joined YouTube in Mar 25, 2019 and gained a massive following of Japanese and oversea viewers alike and over 1 million subscribers. Korone-Chan streams on a regular basis gaining over 100 thousand views per stream. Her first videos were of her playing Minecraft and doing art, as well as collaborations with other VTubers. Her streams often consist of gaming, art, chatting, and fans from Japan often donate 563 yen. This is goroawase, or a number-based pun, read as "Koro-san".

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the YouTube AI began automatically placing the "Get the latest information from the CDC about COVID-19" tab on all of Korone's videos, regardless of their topic or context such as edited and translated clips from her streams uploaded by other YouTubers. This is likely due to a flaw in the YouTube's AI resulting from Korone's name being similar to the spelling of "Corona" in several different languages such as Serbian, Hungarian, Swedish, Norweigan, Tajik, Serbian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Kurdish, Haitian Creole, Malay, Maori, Amharic and Bulgarian. The AI was also controversial for randomly ending/deleting streams of many VTubers (even without violation of YouTube's Community Guidelines). Because of the "Korone Virus" incident, some fans have started to adopt it into their usernames as a means to support Korone.

As well as gaming she also sings, doing covers, her first being of Shiny Smily[2].


  • "Have confidence! ... No confidence!"
  • "I am Volkswagon."
    • "I am Mercedes-Benz. OK?"
  • "I'm die. Thank you forever."
  • "Water in the fire WHY?!"

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1st November 2020: 1 million subscribers
  • 10th May 2021: 1.5 million subscribers


  • She is the second VTuber to reach a million subscribers after Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN, as of 1 November 2020
  • She is 5'1
  • Her mascot is called Hosoinu
  • Inugami means "dog spirit"
  • She loves baseball and attends the games with Amane Kanata
  • One of her hobbies is boxing.
  • Korone is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Inugami shares her character designer, Fukahire[3], with Civia Ch.



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