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Joseph Lanchester, better known online as Kraut (or Kraut and Tea), is a German-English YouTube commentary channel focused primarily on politics, societal issues, religion, and mini-documentaries. Kraut was best known for his criticisms against SJWs, Feminists, Islam, and later the Alt-Right. Kraut was one of the prominent figures of the so-called Skeptic community, which dissolved after it was uncovered that the same community against SJWs were flagging down their opponents, with Kraut being the head of the operation.


Joseph created his YouTube channel on December 28, 2015 but rose to prominence during 2016 after his series of videos specifically targeting Islam. He gained a substantial amount of viewership after MrRepzion, a fellow YouTuber mirrored his video attacking Islamic YouTuber Karim Metwaly’s response on the Orlando gay nightclub bar shooting.

Throughout 2016, Joseph made more videos against SJWs, Islam, and other topics. He managed to gain subscribers and viewership as time went on. Joseph began building ties with other skeptics such as Sargon of Akkad, MundaneMatt, amongst others.

In 2017, Joseph managed to gain over 100,000 subscribers. In spite of his earlier content railing against Islam and SJWs, Joseph began to his attention away from those mainline topics and focus on tackling the Alt-Right.


Discord Doxxing Server

After the anti-SJW phases winded down on YouTube, Joseph decided to target race realists and Alt-Right individuals. He assembled a discord server with several other skeptics to hunt down perceived alt right figures. One of the first targets was RageAfterStorm, a teenaged female who was a race realist. Joseph eventually doxxed her by reporting her activities to her boss where she was promptly fired. Eventually, Joseph’s allies would bully her and she announced she would leave the internet. Joseph received a significant of backlash with many calling Joseph out pointing out the similarities between Joseph’s actions and SJWs. However, more scandals broke out after an anonymous Twitter user exposed Joseph’s doxxing server in late 2017. This resulted in Joseph receiving a large amount of backlash and hate for his nefarious activities and his “targets” (Black Pigeon Speaks, Steven Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, and Peter Sweden). As a result of months of hate, Joseph announced on December 19th, 2017 on Twitter that he’ll leave the internet disgraced. As such, Joseph’s reputation crumbled and he left for almost a year.

Black Pigeon

Joseph returned to YouTube in November 2018 and rebranded his channel as simply “Kraut”. He began posting minor documentaries pertaining to World War 2 related topics (such as Auschwitz, fall of democracy in Japan, amongst others). In spite of his rather sudden yet nondramatic comeback, Joseph uploaded a video attacking YouTuber Black Pigeon Speaks calling him Alt-Right and accusing him of various things. This resulted in Joseph being embroiled in drama with BPS responding back with a two-hour video against Joseph. As such, Kraut received numerous dislikes and a large loss of subscribers. 

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