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Kristina Horner (born: December 27, 1987 (1987-12-27) [age 31]), better known online as YouTube as Italktosnakes, is a 26-year old American YouTube Celebrity & vlogger who makes regular video blogs to the site.

She opens each video with a cheery "Hello YouTube!" and discuses topics such as books (Harry Potter, Hunger Games etc), Music and a range of other topics. She was a member of the collaboration channel Fiveawesomegirls, posting her videos on the Monday. She gained a reputation for forgetting to post her videos and getting punished by the others.

She dated fellow YouTube vlogger Alex Day for a while and appeared in each others videos.

Kristina is currently involved in many projects such as the web show Job Hunters (she plays Avery), a futuristic view on society post college education in which graduates are sent to a Hunger Games-esque arena to determine if they are good enough for a career. In September 2012, Kristina and her friends Joe Homes and Justin Hammond created the gaming channel Team Hypercube , and as of Janurary 2013, have 4,320 subscribers. Kristina can also be seen on the make-up tutorial channel OneUpMakeup and the advice channel Answerly .

It is widely speculated that Kristina is dating her Job Hunters costar and Team Hypercube partner Joe Homes (who were even seen kissing on LifeBurry's new year eve video ), although they have made no formal announcement. 

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