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LS Mark is a Irish YouTube channel focused around Mark's opinions about certain things. However, his opinions are not the problem, it's how people treat them. Whenever he makes a rant about someone popular (like storytime YouTubers), then he'll receive negative backlash. Mark also owns a second channel named 'LoSer Mark', which hasn't been active in 5 months.

Early Content

LS Mark's first uploads were little tutorials. His first being how to get debug mode on Sonic 2 IOS. The other tutorials were how to draw's and how to set up a SEGA Mega Drive/ Genesis. His first opinion video was 'Why I'm Worried About SONIC MANIA'. He gave resons on why he thought Sonic Mania would end up being another failed Sonic the Hedgehog video game. The video has recieved more dislikes than likes.

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