LS Mark is a Commentator
LS Mark is a Reviewer
LS Mark is an Artist
LS Mark is an Animator
LS Mark is from Northern Ireland
LS Mark is male
LS Mark created their account in 2014
LS Mark is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Mark (born: March 29, 2002 (2002-03-29) [age 19]), better known online as LS Mark (also known as SplashDash, LoSer Mark, formerly known as Immortal Resurrection) is a Northern Irish YouTuber known for his opinionated commentary about people and popular culture. Mark was rather infamous for his videos on Butch Hartman, the animated storytime community, and Quinton Reviews.

YouTube Career

Mark started his channel at the age of 12 as "Immortal Resurrection" in 2014. His earliest accessible uploads were a series of gaming videos, where he played the mobile port of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, which would later be unlisted somewhere around 2018. Mark then went on to doing drawing and pixel art tutorials, the channel was renamed as "LS Mark" sometime around 2015, (He still uses his older channel name ImmortalResurrection in the link) Mark would produce his first "opinion" video when he uploaded his review for Sonic The Hedgehog. Mark continued making reviews and eventually began to make commentary on the Sonic games. Mark's old sonic videos are now unlisted, but some users saved nearly all of the old LS Mark videos, In 2020, he made a second channel called "SplashDash" for making sonic videos.

On February 16, 2018, Mark uploaded a video on Vailskibum94. It quickly spiked in popularity, currently sitting at almost 300,000 views. The video received a mixed reception. He quickly became a commentator, presumably due to this newfound viewership. However, due to too much negativity in the community Mark decided to stop making commentary videos and privated as well as unlisted his old videos and started reviewing animated media, movies, and video games. Mark's last commentary video was "Game Grumps is on it's last legs". In February 2021, he relisted his old commentary videos to show the progression of his channel.

Trilogy Videos

these videos on LS Marks channel focus on movie franchisees usually only going for 2 to 4 movies. Mark had done many of these treating with his video talking about his love for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid trilogy.


Mark's second YouTube channel was originally a shitpost channel called "LoSer Mark" but he later re-branded it to SplashDash where he makes videos discussing Sonic The Hedgehog. Mark originally started his SplashDash channel to be similar to Cybershell's videos who was absent for nearly 3 years at the time. Cybershell returned to the internet soon after Mark started his second channel probably in fear of Mark replacing his title as the "Sonic Lore Master". Cybershell and Mark became good friends with each other and they interact with a regular basis and supporting each others channels. Mark has running joke on his main channel about SplashDash being his "friends" channel, Several fans play along with this joke.


  • "That Hartless Son of a Butch"
  • "Furries" (Mark's pronunciation of "Fairies")
  • "Who was this crash and the heck is a bahbandemen?"
  • "Oh Don't you worry my silly little comrade"
  • "Subscribe to my "FRIENDS" channel SplashDash"
  • "Oh No Butch....No..."
  • "I think we're in for our scariest game yet"
  • " Please stop your parents divorce"
  • "I don't hate Butch Hartman, I DISLIKE him"
  • "So guys, I recently checked out the analytics for the channel and found out 100% of you guys are massive smurfs fans"
  • "Some might even say.... epic"
  • " Sonic Adventure 2 is actually a pretty good gaeme, way better tha Sonic Heroes in my opinion"
  • "Vailskibum is still a fucking retard"
  • "No, no, no, no, no! don't turn me into a MARKetable plushie!"
  • "Boy, I sure hope somebody got fired for that blunder."


  • Mark's favorite video game is Sonic Heroes
  • He used to live in Ireland before he moves to Northern Ireland (according in his oldest videos.)
  • Mark was a huge Fairly OddParents fan as a kid and is one the biggest inspirations for him becoming an artist.
  • Mark is currently working his own animated project and it is unknown when it will finished.
  • He occasionally changes his avatar's art style to match what he is talking about.
  • In some videos, you can find short snippets of his avatar being fully animated.
  • Butch Hartman is basically a running gag on his channel since he is one of the first few people to make a video relating to him before the drama and allegations regarding Butch.
  • Mark is best known for the "Arm Crossing Rantsona" meme with people who don't watch his current content thinking he still makes commentary rant videos similar to the infamous Turkey Tom.
  • Mark has never stated what the LS in his username stands for, although it possibly doesn't stand for anything, but during the reveal of the newer design in 2020, it possibly confirms as "Long Sleeve."
  • Mark has commissioned a drawing of his persona for $200 to Butch Hartman. His was actually pretty satisfied with the quality of the artwork compared to his other commissioned pieces.
  • Mark does have a discord server although he recently made it patrons access only.
  • His longest video is him ranking EVERY Simpsons episode at 6 hours
  • In his oldest videos, he rumored that he lived in Australia, as he actually lived in Northern Ireland.
  • He attended VidCon 2019 that was located at Anaheim, but before that, he also attended for GamerCon 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, and Insomnia64 in Birmingham, England back in 2019.
  • He's one of the members and a co-founder of Jeffery 6, the Sonic group ran by Ricardo "SpeedSuperSonic" since 2020.
  • Mark claims that he enjoys the first FRED movie
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