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Laina Morris (born: June 22, 1991 (1991-06-22) [age 28]), or Overly Attached Girlfriend, is a YouTube vlogger. Laina's overly attached girlfriend personality is act. Lana currently resides in her hometown Denton, Texas.


Laina has been featured in many of other YouTuber's videos. Acting as a joker, troll or just to be featured. Laina is also a meme, with her signature face and added captions. In her parody videos and others she usually makes question and answer videos. Laina became famous and quite viral when she first uploaded her JB Fanvideo and after that, other youtubers seemed to become interested and uploaded her video onto their channel to stack views. Recently, Laina made a video about the number 20 and explains how the number stalks and follows her continuesly, this is unknown if her story is true. Her main personality is nice, calm and happy. She is one of the most successful YouTubers in 2012.


  • Laina622
  • Overly Attached Girlfriend
  • wrz0713
  • Meme Queen of the Internet
  • Laina OAG (Or simply OAG) 


  • She is also know for hardly ever blinking in her "overly attached girlfriend" videos.
  • She sometimes pokes fun at the "overly attached girlfriend" meme, e.g. Overly Attached to Souls, Overly Attached Uncle Sam, Overly Attached Taylor Swift, and Overly Attached Christmas.
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