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Lance Joseph Stewart (born: June 20, 1996 (1996-06-20) [age 23]) is an American web comedian, prankster, and vlogger, best known for his Vine pranks. He has two YouTube channels: itsLance210, where he releases prank videos, and Lance Stewart, a vlogging channel. Both channels were activated in February 2014. 

Personal Life

Lance Stewart was born in Philedelphia, Pennsylvania, and was raised in Franklinville, New Jersey. He currently resides in Woodbury, New Jersey. He came from a family of Italian and Irish Descent. He attended Delsea High School.   In June 2018, Lance celebrated his fifth anniversary with his girlfriend Lizzy, whom often appears in his videos. In December 2018 Lance shared a video with his girlfriend Lizzy on YouTube called We Broke up. It appears that it was a joint decision for the pair to break up. They both have share 2 dogs named Theo and Bella muched loved dogs by the pair of them.

Lance and Lizzy have an incredible fan base on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, all of there fans have been sticking by them and showing the pair much needed support.

Fruit Ninja Accident

In August 2016, Lance injured his hand while playing Real Life Fruit Ninja. Multiple fingers were cut, one of which was almost completely severed. He received 12 stitches and had to undergo surgery.


Lance Stewart has always had controversy thanks to his clickbait, going normally on DramaAlert and called frequently the Clickbait King, because of this, Lance Stewart was called out by H3h3Productions and Marcus Dibble. Lance never had the chance to respond to the videos.

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