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I'm not fat, I'm thicc!

―Justin's catchphrase

LankyBox is an American comedy channel founded by Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur.

The channel primarily produces parodies of music videos and movies (called Zero-Budget's), animations about their pasts, and "Guess The Price" episodes. However, they have recently started to create gaming videos. (Roblox, Among Us, Henry Stickman, etc)

Justin portrays himself as thicc, food-loving, quirky, and makes puns and alter-egos, while Adam portrays himself as sane, and sometimes gets "annoyed" by Justin's presence. Often does strange-ish pranks on Justin. (Called Prankybox's by Justin.)

Usual Shows

Zero-Budget Parodies

LankyBox has and still is creating music video parodies with zero-budget props. Justin makes many puns in these videos, and in the old videos the two often used food and chip bags as "hair", and construction paper as backgrounds. They have recently started to make Zero-Budget's on movies.

Guess The Price

LankyBox created a show where Justin or Adam test different products, and try to guess the price of it. If either wins, he gets to play the mystery game on the wheel. The games on the wheel are decided by fans of LankyBox. They also bring their "friends", Cooky (a pink rabbit plushie from BT21, a project created by BTS for LINE), Chimmy (a plushie dog wearing a yellow hoodie, also from BT21), Boxy (a cardboard box plush from Lankbox), and Dumbo (a circus elephant from Disney) to the mix.

LankyBox Animated Stories

A while ago, LankyBox started to create animated stories about their pasts. One of the episodes revealed that Justin had tried to sneak in to a R-rated horror movie with his freind in middle school and managed to get in up til the people started checking tickets, and others revealed that Adam dated his best friend's sister, and also got caught cheating with his crush at middle school.

Current Lankybox Plush's & Friends (And Their Channel)

Boxy - Yellow and white cardboard box, loving and sometimes awkward, runs the Youtube channel Lankybox World with Foxy.

Foxy - A purple and white fox with a cardboard box on her head, loves food and puns like Justin, runs the Youtube channel Lankybox World with Boxy.

Rocky - Dark grey rock with black eyes and a red mouth, he is Justin's pet rock. He was missing for a while before being found. Catchphrase: 'It's time to rock and roll!'

Sticky - Is said to be a brown stick or a tree, currently missing.

The Mini Foxy & Boxy Plush's - There are 6 Mini-Plush's that sometimes make appearances on the show. There is Superhero Foxy, Sleepy Boxy, Pizza Foxy, Birthday Boxy, Donut Foxy, and Heart Boxy. They can be bought in the Lankybox Mystery Eggs.

Music Videos


  • LankyBox- Ultimate Chicken Nugget Song (Official Video)
  • ULTIMATE ROBLOX PIGGY SONG (Official LankyBox Music Video)
  • ULTIMATE ROBLOX ADOPT ME SONG! (Official LankyBox Music Video)
  • THE CHICKEN WING SONG! (Official LankyBox Music Video)



  • Boxy Plush
  • Foxy Plush
  • Lankybox Mystery Eggs
  • Lankybox 'Im Not Fat I'm Thicc' Hoodies (sold out)
  • Foxy Magic Mug & Boxy Magic Mug
  • Boxy Face Mask (coming soon)
  • Lankybox Box 1 and 2 (includes Foxy Figurine, Boxy Magic Mug, Foxy and Boxy Reversible Mouse Pad, Foxy and Boxy USB Huggers)
  • Cozy Collection (includes Foxy & Boxy pillow cases, onesies, and blankets)
  • Back to School Bundle (Back to School Box, Lankybox backpack & lunchbox)
  • Foxy & Boxy hoodie and T-shirt
  • Lankybox Color Changing T-Shirt


  • Lankybox
  • Lankybox World
  • Lankybox Clips (videos edited and created by Lankybox Fan)


  • "I'm not fat, i'm thicc." - Justin Kroma
  • "A donut a day keeps the thiccness to stay!" - Justin Kroma
  • "RM, more like TV" - Adam McArthur
  • "Well that was one of the most uncomfterble things I have ever seen, moving on, Justin..." - Adam McArthur
  • "ROCKY!!!!" - Justin Kroma
  • "STICKY!!!" - Justin Kroma
  • "Now I don't know if you went and bought me a new trading card deck, or if you went to the Blackpink bank and opened about 600 new lines of credit cards. Is that what you did???" - Justin Kroma
  • "Read the future....yup, I got the future. The future says, WE'RE BROKE. Brokepink is the revolution! Forever young, forever broke!" - Justin Kroma (pissed of at Adam)
  • "Is that a fryable rama???" - Adam McArthur
  • "Oh Adem...." - Foxy
  • '*laughing in the background*' - Adam McArthur
  • "You got it Foxy!" - Boxy
  • "We're coming for the money Adam!" - Justin Kroma
  • "Are you out'cha mind?!" - Justin Kroma
  • "Last Christmas, I gave him my heart, but the very next day, he threw it away." - Heart Boxy @ Adem
  • "He said will you hug me, I tell him only partly, I only love my rock and my Foxy I'm sorry." - Justin Kroma @ Adam
  • "I'm blinded by myself!" - Justin Kroma (singing)
  • "Did you just slap Chimmy???" - Justin Kroma
  • "Your gonna tell us the code to get out of this room." - Cooky
  • " this what we've come to? Two guys playing a love simulator game and doing this? *points to Adam doing his cringe dance*" - Justin Kroma
  • "OOOHHHHHH!!! I thought you said, thick lip ring with seafood bread! *hysterical laughter* - Justin Kroma
  • "Don't worry Adem, I'll fix this." - Superhero Foxy
  • "This is my first date, ever, and you are ruining it!" - Justin Kroma @ Adam McArthur
  • "I'm gonna get oofed :(" - Boxy
  • "Did you see that?! He tried to kill me!!!" - Justin Kroma
  • "Did we just spend 700 dollars in Adopt Me?????" - Adam McArthur & Justin Kroma
  • "It's time to rock and roll!" - Rocky
  • "If you really, really love me, don't spend my moneyyy!" - Old Justin Kroma (singing)


  • Justin self-proclaimed himself as "thicc", not fat.
  • Justin and Adam have created so many alter-egos, like "Roller Justie", etc.
  • Justin and Adam claim the title "The Zero Budget Guys".
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