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I'm not fat, I'm thicc!

―Justin's catchphrase

LankyBox is an American comedy channel founded by Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur.

The channel primarily produces parodies of music videos, about what do they look like in Zero-Budget, and their show "Guess The Price". However, they have been recently creating roblox videos.

Justin portrays himself as fat (or thicc), hungry, has hearing problems, make puns, make alter-egos, and quirky, while Adam portrays himself as sane, and often gets annoyed by Justin's personality and presence.


Justin and Adam have created three shows, which one of them is recent.

Zero-Budget Parodies

LankyBox created many parodies about music videos, and what do they look like if they are Zero-Budget. Justin had made many puns in the parodies, and also jokingly that he is deaf (although this could be true).

Guess The Price

LankyBox created a show where Justin or Adam is gonna test the product, and guess the price of it. If Justin or Adam wins, he gets to play the mystery game on the wheel. The comments on the wheel are made by fans of LankyBox. They also bring their "friends", Cooky (a pink rabbit plushie from BT21, a project created by BTS for LINE), Chimmy (a plushie dog wearing a yellow hoodie, also from BT21), and Dumbo (a circus elephant from Disney) to the mix.

LankyBox Animated Stories

Recently, LankyBox has created animated stories about its past around the founders. One of the episodes revealed that Justin used to play MapleStory in the past, and married a girl named "Amy". Adam also revealed that he dated his best friend's sister, and also got caught cheating with his crush at middle school.


They maybe stopped making them


  • Justin self-proclaimed himself as thicc, not fat.
  • Justin and Adam created so many alter-egos, like "Roller Justie", etc.
  • Justin and Adam claim the title "The Zero Budget Guys".
  • They own an inactive Twitter account.[1]


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