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Ayush Goel better known online as Lazy Assassin is an Indian YouTuber who makes gaming videos. He is best known for his Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft videos.


Ayush created his channel in July 13, 2019 and he started to upload video game storyline and trivia videos. His channel started to gain attraction when he began to upload GTA videos, he also collaborated with other popular Indian GTA YouTubers.

Ayush also started other channels like Tutorials, Shorts and Livestreaming channels, however he deleted the tutorial videos due to YouTube policies, and he abandoned the other channels to focus on his main channel.

On January 20, 2022 he created a channel called 'Games Gossip', whose goal is to provide news and discussions regarding the Indian gaming community. Ayush said he will begin hiring people, and start a website once that channels gains 100k subscribers.

Grand Theft Auto[]

Ayush does upload other games content, but he is best known for his Grand Theft Auto videos, he uploads videos like facts, mysteries, leaks and such. His video titled "I INSTALLED *50 MODS* 😱 IN GTA 5 .......... IS THIS GTA 6 NOW? 😍" gained a lot of attraction and is now his most viewed video.

Other local YouTubers like Awesome Genome and Gaming Generation also started to gain attraction after Ayush.


Despite best known for his GTA videos, he is also known for his Minecraft content where he does the same thing as his GTA videos.


  • His first GTA game was either Vice City or III.
  • Games Gossip is his only other channel where he is active.
  • He had to remove some of his videos from his main channel due to YouTube's policies.
  • He reached 100M views on his channel on December 14, 2021.