Lenstar Productions is an Animator
Lenstar Productions is from the United States
Lenstar Productions is male
Lenstar Productions created their account in 2010
Lenstar Productions is a Content Creator on YouTube

Jacob Lenard (born: May 21, 1997 (1997-05-21) [age 23]), better known online as Lenstar Productions (or JacobLenstar) is a YouTube animator/cartoonist that specializes in 2D animation who is formerly best known for his Mugman series.


Jacob Lenard launched the channel, then known as lemurboy123, on April 9, 2010. For the first four years of its life, uploads mostly consisted of random animations, Source Filmmaker videos and other unusual content.

In October 2014, he began making an animated series titled Mugman, which revolved around a naive mug named Mugman and his friends in the world of Wedgewood. In 2016, the series would begin suffer many creative difficulties on Lenard's part, which resulted in several cancellations. After many attempts to bring back life into the show (along with the generally obnoxious fanbase the cartoon had gained since its inception), Lenard finally pulled the plug in December 2017. As of 2018, he has no current plans for future Mugman content.

During Mugman's run, Lenard created two other cartoons that are still uploaded to the channel today, Plancy's World (a Dora the Explorer parody) and Evaporate (a surreal series of videos based on his dreams).

In February 2018, Lenard premiered a new animated web cartoon titled Pike's Lagoon, which revolves around the antics of Pike, a shy "two-toed seachuck" who lives underwater, along with her other aquatic friends.

In 2020, he, along with a bunch of talented artists and voice actors, started work on Loose Ends, and the first episode was uploaded on November 19, 2020. The series is cancelled.

Alongside Lenard's regular cartoons, he also occasionally uploads one-off shorts such as The Adventures of Salt Man (a parody of 60s cartoons), Beauty and the Buzz-Kill (a short revolving around Sammy), Virtual Mario (a surreal Mario Bros. animation) and many more.


On March 2021, Jacob Lenard was exposed for his 2015 abuse towards Liz Wedekind, the voice actress of Johnny from Mugman for being transgender and how he drove her to attempt suicide. After being called out, it has been confirmed that production for Loose Ends officially delayed. As a result, Lenard apologized for his 2015 actions, secured the majority of his social media accounts (only to unsecure them and delete one of them), and hidden all of his videos (only to disable comments instead). He took a hiatus for a month, then returned with a video called "Hold Yer Fire".

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