Let’s Game It Out has more than One Million Subscribers
Let’s Game It Out plays video games
Let’s Game It Out is from the United States
Let’s Game It Out is male
Let’s Game It Out created their account in 2016
Let’s Game It Out is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hey, there, it's Josh. Welcome back to Let's Game It Out. We're checking out [game title] today…

―Josh's new intro.

Josh (born: 1983 [age 38 - 39])[1], better known online as Let’s Game It Out, is an American YouTuber that makes gaming content. Josh is known for playing games such as Planet Zoo, Satisfactory and Startup Company. Ever since uploading the video: I Made $246397197269 by Deleting the Internet - Startup Company he has been tormenting characters named Grace in his videos.


Originally, Let’s Game It Out was a duo channel that featured another host by the name of Anthony. Josh and Anthony played together in various games such as Cuphead and Sonic Mania. On December 19, 2018, Josh announced that Anthony was leaving Let’s Game It Out[2], and has never returned to the channel since.

Currently, Josh plays mostly simulator and tycoon type games. He usually plays games in the most incorrect way possible, many times causing low frame rates, breaking various game mechanics and going beyond a game's intended boundaries (e.g. money glitches). YouTube is currently his full-time job, although since his main interest now is streaming on Twitch, his YouTube upload frequency has declined.


Eight hours after releasing I Built a Theme Park With a 99.9% Death Rate - Parkitect, the video hit #2 on Youtube's trending overall (not in the Gaming category) with 580K views. He jokingly accredited this popularity spike to his recently-adopted outro phrase, 'Ringalingading-ding' (implying the notification bell), which was suggested to him by Snutt (one of the developers of Satisfactory).


  • Josh is half asian.[3]
  • Josh used to be in a film school and worked as a continuity supervisor for movies.[4][5]
  • Josh is married.[6]
  • Josh rarely shaves.
  • Josh is allergic to most animals.
  • Josh is lactose intolerant.[7]
  • Josh has an older brother, whom he claims is just as witty but more sane.
  • Some people think Let's Game It Out is also Josh from EmKay secretly, although this is unlikely and unconfirmed.
  • Josh's PSU of his PC setup is upside down.
  • Josh has sensitive teeth from eating an entire 3 pound bag of Sour patch kids in one sitting.
  • Josh's favorite animal is a giraffe.
  • Josh's loves to torment Grace in any games he plays.


  • "Is there a limit?"
    • "One way to find out!"
  • "That sounds like a you problem."
  • "Take a look over yonder."
  • "Oh. God. Yes." (Watching something go exactly as predicted, often leading to newfound possibilities for chaos and torment)
  • "Nummy nummy num!" (Feeding a character, or when a character eats food)
  • "Let me give you the grand tour!" (Upon finalizing a large creation, mainly in sandbox games like Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster)
  • "He's fine." (When something clearly painful happens to a player)
  • "[Lunch time,] MMMMMMM!"
  • "Well, you don't have to tell ME twice!"
  • "A++++++!" (Rating something's performance if it goes according to plan)
  • "Grace" (This is what he normally names a female character, like GrayStillPlays calling his cat Spleens)
  • "What could possibly go wrong?" (Making something that can go VERY wrong)
  • "No need to crowd, there's room for everybody." (Upon building a giant room quickly becomes flooded with people; there is an even-split chance he will expand the room)
  • "Magic teleporters" (Describing the people spawners in Planet Zoo and other titles)
  • "Our Friend The _____" (Describing the random animal/object he made that serves the main purpose)
  • "Dear diary, …" (Describing a character's current thoughts)
  • "Oh my(!)…"
  • "Delish!" (Describing about the food)
  • "Josh no likey."
  • "It's not about the journey it's about the multiple felonies." (The Long Drive stream on twitch)
  • "I hope you had fun, I know I did!" (at the end of each video)
  • "Be still my heart!"
  • "Linkie in the description!" (when talking about a sponsor)
  • "My cup runneth over!"
  • "And Behold!" (When He Unlocks Something)
  • "Clicke Clicke." (when talking about a sponsor)
  • "Nuclear Power," (in satisfactory)
  • "Goodbye Frame Rate." (in tycoon games like planet coaster when he ruined his pc)
  • " And we have to suffer from these frame rates" (variation of above)
  • "Requires higher altitude. Well you require lower attitude, what do you think of that?"
  • "Alright I have to admit thats not a great sign". (When something is going completely wrong)
  • "Developers thank you for the key, I'm sorry in advance". (At the start of almost every beta or limited release games)

Subscriber milestones

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  • 1 million subscribers: April 6, 2020
  • 2 million subscribers: November 4, 2020
  • 3 million subscribers: April 2, 2021