Level UP has more than One Million Subscribers
Level UP is an Animator
Level UP plays video games
Level UP is from the United States
Level UP is male
Level UP created their account in 2015
Level UP is a Content Creator on YouTube

Nelson "Nelly" Rodriguez (born: March 10) better known online as Level UP, is an American YouTuber who makes animations of games which include but are not limited to Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Minecraft, Pac-Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

In addition to the Level UP channel, Rodriguez also owns a channel named Team Level UP, where he collaborates with other animators, and Level UP Minigames, which contains interactive game content.


Level UP contains a variety of video themes, such as MarioCraft, New Super Mario Bloopers, Level UP shorts and OP characters in Super Mario Bros. Level UP's most popular videos consists of crossovers of Baldi's Basics and other video games, including Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pac-Man.

Full List of Series

  • 8 Realistic ways to X (Pokemon)
  • A Legit Super Mario X Speedrun (Parody)
  • Baldi would be OP in X
  • Chiz The Cheese
  • Goomba Revolution
  • If Pokemon moves were actually realistic
  • Level UP Minigames
  • Level UP Shorts
  • Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing in X
  • Mario's X Calamity
  • Mariocraft
  • NEW Super Mario Bloopers
  • Pac-Man's Maze Mayhem
  • Pokemon Fusion
  • Smash Kingdom Race
  • Super Random Bros
  • Super Smash Bits Mayhem
  • The Adventures of Goomba and Koopa
  • X ways Y could EASILY defeat Z
  • X would be OP in Super Mario Bros.

Team Level UP Members


  • Nelly isn't Level Up's real first name, but his dad gave him the nickname Nelly so that's what he went with.
  • Before YouTube, Nelly originally worked as a cable guy. He's also stated his characters outfit was based off his cable uniform.
  • Nelly has a child which is supposedly named Nelly Jr., although this could be a nickname.
  • Nelly had a majority of his videos stolen and made into ads for bootleg Mario mobile games.
  • Ironically, Nelly's birthday is on March 10, which is also Mar10 Day.
  • Nelly uses Adobe Animate CC to animate, Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit them.
    • For live streaming, he uses OBS and Adobe Character Animator for his live character.
  • Nelly has delayed the release of MarioCraft 4 approximately 5 times.
    • Released shortly after his 5th delay.
    • MarioCraft 4 is currently Nelly's longest video.
    • Nelly has stated that he has scripts for MarioCraft that pile up to the series ending with MarioCraft 12. (Source)
  • There were plans for a Team Level UP Minecraft Server but the project has been killed and revived many times.
  • In "A Legit Super Mario Bros. Speedrun (Parody)" in minute 8:05 he used the Spanish meme "Ah bueno adíos, master" (Ah well bye, master)
  • He has has a brother, his real name is unknown but is called Nameless Wizard on YouTube (Source). He also has animated for Level UP a few times.
  • He was also inactive on the discord server for 2 years, and when he came back he sent this video.
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