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Life is Strange is a video game about a girl named Max, who discovers that she can rewind time to change events. Back in her hometown, she reunites with an old friend Chloe and they start to uncover the truth about their fellow student Racheal Amber's disappearance. Max gets disturbing premonitions about the future and takes on the responsibility of preventing something happening in her hometown. As she struggles to understand her powers, she must learn which consequences her interfering with time and space holds. The game approaches real-life issues such as depression, bullying, suicide, domestic violence, mental illness, and the loss of loved ones. 


Episode One: Chrysalis

On October 7th, Max sees that she can rewind time when she saves her old friend Chloe from the mentally unstable Nathan Prescott. They later reunite and Max senses a storm is coming after getting premonitions.

Episode 2: Out of time

On October 8th, Max tried to find out out more about her power to rewind time and finds out the reason for Kate's sudden change in mood. Chloe tests out Max's new power and Max starts to discover the limits of her powers. Max will soon discover the way to stop time to save her friend Kate from suicide.

Episode 3: Chaos Theory

On October 8th, Max and Chloe's investigation into Rachael Ambers' disappearance leads them to break into the Blackwell Academy after dark, searching for answers. They discover that Rachael kept many secrets and was not the person Chloe thought she was. Max then discovered that she has another power that brings some devastating consequences. 

Episode 4: Dark Room

In an alternative timeline Max's actions to save Chloe's dad William, Max learns the consequences and changes things back to the way they were. In the original timeline, Max and Chloe work together to piece evidence that Nathan Prescott drugged Kate and is going to strike again at the Vortex Club Party. They discover the Darkroom and Racheal Amber's whereabouts and get tricked by the real culprit.

Episode 5: Polarized

Trapped in the Darkroom, Max must escape and rewind to save Chloe from the gunshots by Mr. Jefferson. Finding out Nathan was killed, Max finally finds a way to reunite with Chloe once again. Max is confronted with the devastating consequences of her actions over the week and her biggest fears, in the end, is left with two choices: Sacrificing Chloe, Saving Arcadia Bay, and her friends, but Chloe ends up dead; or sacrificing Arcadia Bay, presumably killing all her friends, but leaving Chloe alive. The two leave the town's ruins in Chloe's truck shortly after the town's destruction. 

Early Development

The development of Life is Strange took place over the span of three years, starting circa in April 2013. During the first year of development, it wasn’t the main project at DONTNOD Entertainment so they only had a small team of around fifteen people working on the prototype of the game.

When they started to work on the game, they couldn't imagine how successful the game would turn out to be. They merely focused on what kind of story they were passionate about to tell and disregarded factors such as target audience and marketing.

In the development diary, "A New Beginning", DONTNOD Entertainment's developers state that every publisher except Square Enix asked them to make their protagonists male instead of female. Before being accepted by Square Enix, seven different publishers rejected the game, mainly for the reasons mentioned above.

The team's size would eventually grow up to a number of 40 people working on the team.

Life is Strange was composed as a self-contained story. After the release of the final episode, Co-Director Michael Koch explained that they told the story about Max and Chloe that they had planned from the beginning in the course of five episodes and that their story was done. Prior to the release of Life is Strange 2, Koch reconfirmed that the story of Max and Chloe was done and that Dontnod wanted players to imagine what happened after the endings on their own.

                                                                                              Life is Strange

Developer(s) Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Director(s) Micheal Koch Raoul Barbet

Writer(s) Micheal Koch

Kenny Laurent

Amuary Balandier

Christian Divine

Artist(s) Micheal Koch

Kenny Laurent

Amaury Balandier

Edouard Captain

Composer(s) Johnathan Morali

Platform(s) Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360; Mac, Linux (July 21, 2016)  IOS, Android (2017-2018)

Release Date(s)

Episode 1: 30, Jan 2015

Episode 2: 24, Mar 2015

Episode 3: 19, May 2015

Episode 4: 28, Jul 2015

Episode 5: 20, Oct 2015


Interactive Storytelling Drama

High School Adventure




Audio: English, Japanese

Subtitles: English, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese 

Rating(s) PEGI-16







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