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Life Noggin is a channel that educates people on multiple topics, mainly space, the human body and even big questions. Each episode is usually 3 to 5 minutes long and focuses on one of the topics. Because of being 3 to 5 minutes long, all the videos are straight to the point along with answering some side questions. They are all animated in a blocky style but circles are still used when needed. Life Noggin also has a 360 degree video for virtual reality explaining what happens in the human body. The protagonist character in this YouTube channel is called "Blocko", and there are other characters. Sometimes there are co-op videos with other YouTubers.


Triangle Bob

  • Throughout Life Noggin's videos you may sometimes see a character with a triangle shaped head and body. This character's name is "Triangle Bob".
  • Triangle Bob used to be a bully, but he is now friends with Blocko.
  • A nickname for Triangle Bob is "Bobert".
  • His birthday is on June 28.

Subscriber Milestone

  • 1 Million: February 1, 2017
  • 2 Million: January 26, 2018
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