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Nicholas Diego Leanos (born: September 6, 1996 (1996-09-06) [age 23]), better known by his stage name Lil Xan, is a rapper who built a fan base as an unsigned artist using platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. He blew up after the release of his hit "Betrayed" in August 2017. He's also known for singles "Slingshot," "Been Bout It," and "Who Are You."

Personal Life

Diego was raised in Redlands, California. His mother's name is Candy. He had been dating Annie Smith in 2019, but seperated after Annie faked her pregnancy and numerous times when she tried hacking his instagram and started blocking fans. He briefly dated Noah Cyrus in 2018 and is currently dating YouTuber vlogger Gabby Parsons. 


  • Diego is a member of Xanarchy.
  • He is affiliated with the Low Gang collective, also featuring $teven Cannon and Aris Ray.]
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