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Hey guys, Lionmaker here from the Lionmaker Studios...LionMaker

Marcos Wilton (born: July 7, 1988 (1988-07-07) [age 33]), better known online as LionMaker, was a former Belgian Minecraft YouTuber. He is mostly known for his sexual abuse, including interacting with underage fans until his channel was terminated by his ex-YouTube boyfriend, THExSERGEANT.

Marcos came back to YouTube in January 2019. His current channel is administrated by multiple children/teens. LionMaker's original channel had about 797,000 subscribers prior to its deletion & second permanent ban. His content primarily focused on the world of Minecraft; even hosting his very own series "Survival Madness". However, when allegations spread against LionMaker, his friends discontinued associating with him and starring in his videos. DramaAlert was the first YouTube channel to cover the topic. On September 19, 2015, DramaAlert had an interview with a parent, which exposed LionMaker for trying to get nude images of the parent's underage child.

After all of this, on March 7, 2016, an English YouTuber Colossal Is Crazy, exposed LionMaker for being a pedophile, which had communication with underage fans. Colossal also explained that LionMaker is a master-manipulator towards underage kids and that he knows how to interact with kids to get their nudes.

On November 6, 2016, LionMaker ended up on Colossal's podcast, defending himself, to which he failed. Despite people starting hating on his videos, LionMaker's YouTube channel continued to gain subscribers. Some even note that LionMaker was in jail for two to three years.

In December 2018, Paige uploaded a video to her personal channel explaining her side of the controversy and her experience with LionMaker.

On September 29, 2020, LionMaker's channel was terminated due to violating YouTube's Terms of Service.

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