Lit Candles plays video games
Lit Candles is a Commentator
Lit Candles is from the United States
Lit Candles is male
Lit Candles created their account in 2018
Lit Candles is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Lit Candles is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Lit_Candles is an American Roblox YouTuber known for making Commentaries on other Roblox YouTubers such as KonekoKitten & Nathorix. He sometimes switches his content from Commentaries to Gameplays, but they usually don't do as well.

Lit_Candles has been less active due to personal reasons but is still active on Twitter. He makes Roblox Memes that have boosted his Twitter further than his YouTube channel.

Yesterday On Roblox

Yesterday On Roblox (or YOR for short) was a series dedicated to reporting on Roblox news and giving his opinion on the situation. Besides his drama videos, this was his most popular series.

Roblox Transformation Videos

In January of 2021, Lit_Candles switched to making changed and roblox transformation videos, this would cause a spike in popularity and give them tons of attention in the furry community.


In January 2021, There has been reports of people saying that Lit_Candles has a troll channel name ''Divine Olivia'' which is a Lisa Gaming Game Clone.

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