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Hello everyone, welcome back to another amazing Roblox video!

―Roblox Locus’s Intro

Locus, locus200k, or Roblox Locus; is a Roblox YouTuber with over 530,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is most famous for his Roblox Jailbreak gameplays, but is also infamous for his excessive misleading content, video titles, and thumbnails.

Vlog Channel

Roblox Locus also has a vlog channel going by the name “Locus Vlogs”, which has over 12,000 subscribers; but is inactive and has no videos uploaded.

Fortnite Channel

Recently, Locus opened up a Fortnite channel and begun uploading videos there. Hence the channel name, Locus - Fortnite only does Fortnite gameplays.


Clickbait & Misleading Content

As said above, Roblox Locus has been met with criticism for his clickbait, or misleading content. Like Hyper, Nathorix; another Roblox YouTuber; has made a rant video about this. That video was extremely popular, and made many send hate and even more criticism towards Locus. Nathorix felt bad about it, so he deleted that video and made another one. This video can be found here: Roblox Locus - The King Of Clickbait.


  • Roblox Locus has stated multiple times that if his vlog channel received 10,000 subscribers, he would begin posting vlogs there. Locus Vlogs now has 12,000 subscribers, but there is no videos uploaded. This is has lead to some criticism, think that Locus did this to “get free subscribers”.
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