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Hello everyone, welcome back to another amazing Roblox video!

―Roblox Locus’s Intro

Locus (also known as Roblox Locus or locus200k) is a Roblox YouTuber famous for his Roblox Liberty County gameplays.  

Vlog Channel

Locus200k also has a vlog channel going by the name “Locus Vlogs”; but is inactive and has no videos uploaded. He no longers posts on Locus Vlogs as of 12/1/19

Fortnite Channel

Recently, Locus opened up a Fortnite channel and begun uploading videos there. Hence the channel name, Locus - Fortnite only does Fortnite gameplays. 


Locus also plays games with his fans, these games, to date, are listed below.

  • Emergency Responce; Liberty County [] ROBLOX
  • Pilot Training Flight Simulator [] ROBLOX
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