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loveliveserve is an American YouTube comedy duo consisting of two college students, Noah Taitano (born September 16, 1997 (1997-09-16) [age 21]) and Ryan Burton (born September 18, 1997 (1997-09-18) [age 21]) known by their online pseudonyms as "Noah Boat" and "Rhino" respectively.


Both friends since middle school, they are now College film students that atteneds Drexel University.

Having made their channel in November 2010, the duo didn't start uploading videos until nearly a year later. Uploading videos on occasions from then, the duo started to upload more videos by 2016 to improve their film-making and post-production skills, support their College funds, and entertain people, a hobby both love doing.

From there, the duo started doing vlogs, pranks, reactions, music parodies, and most of all, comedy sketches, mostly based upon American society and it's popular culture, on a three day a week basis.

Also from there, on occasions, the duo make solo videos associated to the same video genres they display on their channel.

In 2016, their channel started to grow and continues today. The comedy duo's channel currently has over 4 million subscribers and over 600 million total video views.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

  • loveliveserve reached 1 million subscribers on November 13, 2017.
  • loveliveserve reached 2 million subscribers on May 21, 2018.
  • loveliveserve reached 3 million subscribers on September 3, 2018.
  • loveliveserve reached 4 million subscribers on February 21, 2019.
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