Lui Calibre has more than One Million Subscribers
Lui Calibre has more than Five Million Subscribers
Lui Calibre plays video games
Lui Calibre is from the United States
Lui Calibre is male
Lui Calibre created their account in 2009
Lui Calibre is a Content Creator on YouTube

Lui Calibre, formerly known as YourHeroes, is a Gaming YouTuber well-known for his high-pitched "squeaker" voice. He's usually seen playing with friends VanossGaming, H2ODelirious, Daithi De Nogla, I AM WILDCAT, Terroriser, and many more from their group of friends.


His most popular video is "GTA 5 Online Heist All Heist Vehicles Unlocked", which has over 13 million views.


On June 22, 2020, Syanne, Lui's ex-girlfriend, posted a TwitLonger about his toxic behavior towards her, as well as his constant abuse and gaslighting. Soon after, mulitple people started reaching out to her about their experiences, including one girl who had nudes of Lui that he supposedly sent her while knowing that she was underage. Lui has yet to respond to these accusations, and he has completely disappeared from the internet as of right now.

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