Luigikid Gaming plays video games
Luigikid Gaming is a YouTube Pooper
Luigikid Gaming is a Reactor
Luigikid Gaming is a Vlogger
Luigikid Gaming is from Austria
Luigikid Gaming is male
Luigikid Gaming created their account in 2007
Luigikid Gaming is a Content Creator on YouTube

What's going on my dedicated bros, It's-a-me Luigikid and welcome to...

―Luigikid's Intro

René Pascal Rafael Wurz (born: October 23, 1995 (1995-10-23) [age 26]), better known online as Luigikid Gaming or just Luigikid, is an Austrian gaming YouTuber. At the time he lives Luigikid in Austria together with his Girlfriend Becci, Becci also has a YouTube Channel unlike Luigikid she does German Gaming videos.


Luigikid joined YouTube on July 31, 2007, and since then has become more popular. He is a gaming YouTuber, but he also does reaction videos as well. He is mainly famous for playing "exe" games, which rooted from the famous internet game "Sonic.exe". He also frequently plays fan games, and is somewhat famous for playing Mario Related Games. He also made YouTube Poops when his channel was still new.


One of his most popular videos "Randy Orton New Theme - Voices in My Head (Luigi)" earned more than 1 million views after it was posted in July 2008. But the most popular video now is the video "TOY STORY.EXE - RIP CHILDHOOD" which was uploaded on January 11, 2015. His first video he uploaded is called: "Super-Cena-Mario My Time is now." which he uploaded on August 22, 2007.


Luigikid has an interesting personality. Instead of having a crazy and confusing playing style like other YouTubers, Luigikid is rather calm, and rarely resorts to jokes. When he loses, or something shocking happens he gets louder and yells.


  • He has a channel named "Rene Luigikid" where he makes German-language videos.
  • He mainly does Creepypastas for horror.
  • He uses from time to time Austrian Words in his videos
  • He is Evangelical Christian
  • He was given a job for testing games at Nintendo, where he would also receive some of the games for free. However, he eventually quit after Nintendo started making him change his content. An example of this is when they wanted him to stop playing fan-made games. His viewers praised him for staying true to himself.
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