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luisgamercool 23 (stylized as luisgamercool23) is a fictional YouTuber made by American YouTuber Flamingo, but through video, he confirmed it, and unconfirmed it. The channel made 3 videos, of how the Robloxian "luisgamercool23" hates noobs, while his second video overall was a response to his haters who disliked his first video. However, his last video is a last reason of why he does not like noobs. He first was revealed to the public ith a Roblox ad which led to a t shirt, which had a link to his YouTube channel. 

The account got its fame (mostly from Albert's fans) from the video "I made a FAKE Roblox YouTube TROLL account... and ADVERTISED IT.".[1]

As there is no videos by January 2020, this channel may be a one-time thing for ideas.

"5 Reasons why I hate noobs"

Taken from his first video.

  1. Because they are noob, they pretend they have robux on Roblox games that revolve around roleplaying. They put rich-looking clothes on themselves, while outside of those roleplaying Roblox games, they have no robux. After that, they pretend to be cool, etc.
  2. They are very annoying, according to him. They take out their selfie stick (on some Roblox games, if they have one), go inside your house for no reason, no matter how the owner of the house tries (like locking the house's door).
  3. They are really bad at spelling.
  4. They are dumb. (actually the fifth reason)

For some reason, he skipped the fourth reason why he hates noobs, though Albert (the owner of the account) possibly did that intentionally.

The Sixth Reason Why I Hate Noobs

On his latest video, he told the sixth reason (or fourth reason, depends on your view) of why he hates noobs, that they play the "Raining Tacos" song by ParryGripp on their radio.


  • Albert made the audio on the channel worse on purpose, so if you wear headphones, you would hear the voice from the left ear (or right ear, by his second video).
  • His voice in the videos are purposely high pitched so that the people clicking on the Roblox ads don't notice that it is indeed, Flamingo.


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