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MadShenans is an American YouTube channel founded by Blake, Conor, Ethan, and Noah Reynolds who are best known for their water-based videos, and their famous series "50 Ways to Pop a Water Balloon", which featured humorous ways to pop some water balloons as time continues.


They uploaded their first video on June 14, 2009, starting the series of "50 Ways to Pop a Water Balloon".[1]

They uploaded their most viewed video on August 30, 2018, which it's the fourth part of the series "50 Ways to Pop a Water Balloon".[2]

They uploaded their channel trailer on July 18, 2019.[3]


  • Noah is the oldest of the team.
  • There are some female people on the team (e.g. Clara Moore).
  • Conor's surname was revealed on the 10th anniversary of their first video, so the founders' surnames are "Reynolds".[4]
  • They own a black cat named "Goombs".


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