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Max Engelmann, better known online as Madenman, is a Swedish streamer that mostly plays Minecraft and Rainbow Six: Siege. He started by streaming on a server called "Invadedlands" (a server that he later quit as he said "its pay to win and i dont like it"). Madenman unlisted all of his streams that got him to 1000 subs, he first hit that milestone on January 21, 2020, but because all of his subs are "trolls" they are unsubscribed a lot of times, but on the March 28, 2020, he hit 1000 subs for the 7th time and he settled there until he reached 1010 subscribers. Madenmans name was based on the name of an animal, a marten (mader in German) to be exact. his profile picture has changed a lot but has stayed a fanart for some time now. At the date of February 12, 2020, he started a survival project that got deleted and then revived by Madenman, that survival project got him to 1000 subs and he is staying at that milestone. Madenman's survival stream.

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