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Magus is a Mexican YouTuber who created his channel back in 2007, being one of the first users in the original ranting community.

Other than that, he has also done anime reviews, movie reviews, video game reviews, as well as Magus Discussions, which is where he posted a video with a discussion topic, and then the viewers could either post comments or post video responses with their opinions on the topic; the topics could be anime-related, video game-related, movie-related, comic book related, or real-world related.


On July 7, 2006  Magus became one of the first members of the original ranting community on YouTube, his rants, for the longest time, being the most popular type of videos on his channel. He developed a longtime friendship with Bigal2k6 since this time, a fellow ranter from the original ranting community, which he still has to this day.

Over the years he has had several hiatuses, but still makes videos every once in a while; when he first started he made six videos almost every single day, but he had a lot more time back then due to him, despite being married, only having one infant child, who the mother took care of most of the time. Nowadays, even though he's divorced, his child, who lives with him, is much older, and thus requires much more of his attention, so he can't make videos even close to as often as he used to. The vast majority of the videos that he has ever made is a vlog-style video.

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