Makemebad35 has more than One Million Subscribers
Makemebad35 creates skits and sketch videos
Makemebad35 is from the United States
Makemebad35 is male
Makemebad35 created their account in 2005
Makemebad35 is a Content Creator on YouTube

Damian Sanders-Baron (born: July 20, 1988 (1988-07-20) [age 33]) better known online as makemebad35, is an American YouTuber who originally focused on differing sketch comedy that didn't receive much attention until YouTube: The Rap music video was uploaded. Ever since then, Damian's channel has become known for his Insane! series of videos. Public Trollinh videos, Omegle Pranks, and sketches featuring original characters Jimmy, Mr. Wooden Alligator, a magical stuffed giraffe, and the Torturer (spoofing the Hostel motion pictures).


Makemebad35 also has its fair share of collaboration videos with YouTubers such as VenetianPrincess, PioneersProductions, DeStorm Power, and most recently Twelthofadime (his roommate, Kyle Adams). He also dated fellow YouTuber suckerlove23, but broke up with her in June 2007, remaining good friends with her.


Damian also has a second YouTube channel (damian), where he posts update vlogs, Makemebad35 sketch outtakes/bloopers, and occasional music videos by bands whose members are good friends of his, namely The 10th Hour and What We Call Victory.

This is Not Goodbye

While stating Damian would come back to YouTube and start making videos again back in December of 2017, months after he uploaded a video titled "This is Not Goodbye" stating that his joy with YouTube and making videos is no longer in him and that his humor has changed over the years. Damian explains that he feels that he completed his goals with YouTube with sharing his humor, gaining millions of views and over a million subscribers on his channel. However he would still make appearances on other YouTubers' channels.