Many Kudos reviews technology
Many Kudos is a Commentator
Many Kudos is from Australia
Many Kudos is male
Many Kudos created their account in 2019
Many Kudos is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Informative content by the uniformed

―Many Kudos

James, better known as ManyKudos, is a technology and commentary based YouTuber who uploads various topics relating to technology such as popular internet figures video games, memes, online advertising, etc. Most of the videos feature some form of commentary that explain the various topics, and the videos are organized into playlist by topic.

There is a collaboration with Vsauce2 in a livestream which involves finding the "worst" page on Wikipedia.[1] The videos feature his appearance along with images that reflect the discussed topic.

Outside of his channel, Kudos is a co-host of The First Podcast alongside Amir (doplex) and Lars.


  • He hates wasps.
  • His favourite game is Red Dead Redemption 2.


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