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Marília Dias Mendonça (born: July 22, 1995 (1995-07-22) [age 24]) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter .


2011-16: Marília Mendonça

Born in Cristianópolis and raised in Goiânia, she had her first music contact through the church and started composing when she was 12 years old, starting to write songs for several singers, such as the songs "Minha Herança" (João Neto & Frederico), "Muito Gelo, Pouco Whisky" (Wesley Safadão), "Até Você Voltar", "Cuida Bem Dela", "Flor e o Beija-Flor" (Henrique & Juliano), "Ser Humano ou um Anjo" (Matheus & Kauan), "Calma" (Jorge & Mateus) and "É Com Ela Que Eu Estou" (Cristiano Araújo).

She debuted in January 2014 with her first eponymous EP. In June 2015, the song "Impasse" was released, the singer's first single featuring the duo Henrique & Juliano. In March 2016, she released his first album titled Marília Mendonça: Ao Vivo which featured singles "Sentimento Louco" and "Infiel" featuring Henrique & Juliano. "Infiel" became the fifth most performed song on radio stations in Brazil that year, earning the singer national recognition. In October, a live acoustic EP called Agora É Que São Elas was released, with previous hit tracks and the single "Eu Sei de Cor".

2017-present: Realidade & Todos Os Cantos

In January 2017 she released another eponymous EP with four unreleased tracks. In March their second album titled Realidade was released, which featured singles "Amante Não Tem Lar" e "De Quem É A Culpa" and featured the duo Henrique & Juliano. In November, he released the single "Transplant" with duo Bruno & Marrone. In July, Marília won the honor of most listened Brazilian artist on YouTube, ranking 13th in the world ranking.

In February 2019, the first volume of the third DVD of the singer entitled "Todos Os Cantos" was released, which has singles "Ciumeira", "Bem Pior Que Eu", "Todo Mundo Vai Sofrer" e "Supera". In March, it was announced by Spotify that the singer ranked first in the top 10 of Brazil's most listened women on the platform. In May, the second volume of the album Todos os Cantos was released. The third volume of the album was released in August.

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