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Marcus Sean Dibble (born: June 3, 1994 (1994-06-03) [age 25]), (formerly MarcusDibbleComedy), is an Australian YouTuber who does Call-outs, Rants and Comedy videos. He also has 2 other channels made in 2015 (DibbleVlogs and DibbleGames)


Dibble is from Albany, Western Australia, he started YouTube with inactive channel Marcus Dibble Media on May 7, 2011, his first video was his mum getting pranked by Rickrolling. By December 28, 2011, he did his first rant about Facebook, (as of 2016, he has done 8 Facebook rants (6 on Marcus Dibble Media and 2 on MarcusDibble))


Marcus Dibble is best known for his callout videos, however, most of them don't get to respond due to the possible reasons

  1. Some of them, (example: Storm Kay, Lyn Kent) possibly ignore the callout and don't want to respond.
  2. Some of the popular YouTubers (example: Jake Paul, Lance Stewart) don't get to respond possibly because how many subscribers Marcus Dibble has got compared to YouTubers with 1-10 million subscribers despite several spamming from fans.

This list is in order Marcus Dibble called out in between March 2015 to January 2019

(This list is updated as of May 29, 2019)

x will identify that the person that had a response video after the callout.

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