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Ricky, better known online as MarioMario54321, and initialized as MM and MM54321, is an American YouTuber and Super Mario 64 Machinimist, as well as a member of the SM64 Machinima Community. He is well known for his Super Mario 64 Bloopers, his adventure themed films and inspiring SuperMarioGlitchy4, a fellow machinimist. Like SMG4, MM54321 is known to put himself and his fans in video as pallet swaps of Mario, a common trait among Super Mario 64 machinimist.

MarioMario54321 first joined YouTube in 2007, and his first upload was MM54321's SM64 Bloopers: Mario Jumps The Castle!. He soon got involved with making the Doppleganger arc, starting with Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Mario VS Oiram, and continuing with various series of evil doppelgangers of the main protagonist constantly attacking the Mushroom Kingdom. This culminated in his longest series, 2011's OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X. Since then, he has moved his series' focus to dimensional travel, which he previously featured in his The Cosmic Crystals tetralogy.

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