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Mario Undertale Kid made his most viewed song called "Daniel T. Gaming Sucks" and he mentioned and included I Hate Everything  before from his other video called "STOP HATING ON UNDERTALE", He thought that ScrewAttack! actually hates Undertale when the video they made about the video game franchise was made to entertain people but he takes it way too seriously. He hates it when people mess with him with their "stupid hate" comments. When you watch Daniel T. Gaming's video called "Mario Undertale Kid's True Identity" it's confirmed he's actually a troll. He made an animation trilogy called "Undertale Animated" and it had lots of dislikes, People say that his animation is "terrible" even when he included the characters from Super Mario, Undertale, and YouTube (They're just images from Google). He also likes Sonic, Spongebob, Minecraft, FNAF, and When you read his description he said that "he likes listening to The Muffin Man song 50 times a day". He's getting alot of subscribers.

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