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Marioluigiplushbros2 is their second account. They use it mainly for bloopers, gameplay, and a few series, such as "Wario Sings" and "Plush Bro Battles". It is not as popular as theur main channel, but some things just don't fit on MLPB. They don't upload as many videos to it either, but it still has some great videos.

On September 29, 2011, Marioluigiplushbros created a second YouTube channel. It was originally going to be called Wariowaluigiplushbros, but YouTube said that it was too long, so they had to call it Marioluigiplushbros2. Later, they're no longer using their second channel and creating a new episode of Wario Sings...


It consists of 3 staple members

  • Plush Bro #1
  • Plush Bro #2
  • Plush Bro #3


There are some members that have to come over to make videos

  • Plush Bro #4
  • SteelXawesome
  • TheYayHao/SupperbMarioBros (No longer helps MLPB)
  • Plush Bro #5 (played Burger)

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