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Marques K. Brownlee (born: December 3, 1993 (1993-12-03) [age 25]), also known by his stage name MKBHD, is a video producer, vlogger, host, and internet personality, best known for his technology-based YouTube channel, MKBHD. The channel was named after his initials and HD for high definition. As of November 2017, the channel has over 5,000,000 subscribers and over 70 Million total video views. The channel is said to be one of the fastest growing channels and one of the most subscribed-to in the technology industry. In August 2013, Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President, Social for Google, called Brownlee "the best technology reviewer on the planet right now."


Brownlee resides in three East Coast cities: Maplewood, New Jersey; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Hoboken, New Jersey. He attended Columbia High School, and is currently is a marketing student at Stevens Institute of Technology. He is majoring in business and technology, while minoring in Information systems, and marketing. Other than producing content and school, he plays golf, and is a former professional ultimate frisbee player with the New Jersey Hammerheads.

YouTube Career

Brownlee joined YouTube on March 21, 2008. He first started uploading videos January 1, 2009, about new products, or reviews of products he already owned. He says his first videos were screencasting where he would post an image and just talk over it, then responded to requests from viewers of what they would like to watch. His first several hundred videos were primarily hardware tutorials, and freeware. He was later approached by companies to demonstrate their paid software and hardware, but only reviews products that would be of interest to his audience of technology enthusiasts. Brownlee is best known today for his content about hand-held devices. As of December 2013, he has over 804,190 subscribers, which makes MKBHD the most subscribed-to 'Tech-based' YouTube channel. Brownlee usually uploads one video per week. According to SocialBlade's Channel rating system, MKBHD holds a grade A, with a subscriber rank of 620th and a video rank at 3,347th with a personal SocialBlade rating of 475th.

Brownlee's reviews have been promoted by other review sites. Engadget promoted, in January 2012 they feature his tour of the then-new cloud based storage service called Insync In November 2013, one of Brownlee's most viral videos was posted based on the LG G Flex. He performed various scratch tests to portray the self-healing ability of the device. The video hit over a million views in the first day. , the video has 3,270,681 views. In December 2013, Brownlee did an interview with Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside which was widely quoted. Woodside confirmed his plans for customization with Project Ara.


Explained is a series started on the channel that provides more information on any tech related subject and the history, future and his own thoughts on it.

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