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Michael Hall, better known online as MasterClashers, is an English YouTuber. He was a streamer that streams on Minecraft on a large server called Hypixel that normally went back to his server called ClashersMC to play minigames. He has stopped doing this so he can focus on his server ClashersMC and doesn't want to gain subscribers from Hypixel streaming. He prefers to make videos now. He sometimes uploads videos and they normally get quite a good amount of views. He has a second channel which he doesn't upload much on called Master Extra and he has a friend who has been with him since the start of his channel called AndriusTap who sometimes streams as well. He also likes to animate creations by drawing in Photoshop and other drawing softwares.


His streams were on a Saturday or a Sunday and were on Hypixel. Recently he has made the choice to quit streaming to focus on his server and making videos. He has quite a big fan base where most of the big fans are on his Discord Server. He gives active people who are on the stream a lot a Discord role called "active fan" which is green. He also gives really active people stream mod, where they moderate the stream and Discord. The current stream mods are AndriusTap, SilentFlame, Phantom and Pixel Media. He normally goes back to his server to play minigames and PVP.

Minecraft Server

His Minecraft server is called ClashersMC ( and it has a store (where you can buy a rank and gamemode coins) and also a Discord. The players and staff team are all really nice there and there are lots of games. It has games at the moment like Lootbattle, CombatBrawl and BattleFeud, with temporarily removed gamemodes Spleef and Quakecraft. He codes all the games, with the code being more advanced every time. ClashersMC server also has a wiki on FANDOM.[1]


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